Decluttering Tips to Help You Cope When Family Members Move In With You

Decluttering Tips to Help You Cope When Family Members Move In With You

Whether it’s your adult child, your aging parent, or a needy second cousin, you open your home gladly.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard to cope with the changes.  If you have time to prepare, that’s great. If not, it’s never too late to make the situation better.  

Before They Arrive

If you have time before they arrive, you should thoroughly assess your home. You will want to clear the way for them to be comfortable. Often it is more than just cleaning out the guest room and moving some furniture. It’s like a domino effect as one closet emptied leads to the next and the next.  However, it will be worth it to clean out and downsize some before they arrive.

There are plenty of organizational and decluttering tips on the internet. It’s definitely worth your time to get your home in the best shape possible. It will help you feel less stressed when your family member actually arrives. It should help them feel more at ease as well.    

Rent a Storage Unit

This can be for you, for them, or for everyone.  A storage unit is far less expensive than giving up all of your belongings because a new person needs space. Your unexpected companion probably won’t live with you forever.  Someday you can have all of your decorative items, furniture, and memorabilia in the house again.  Until then, it’s safely stowed away.

Decluttering 2

Some family members bring too much with them.  It’s understandable. They may be between homes and need not only a place to live, but a place to store their stuff.  The storage unit can relieve your home of crowding without causing them to give up what matters to them.  This can be especially important for a family member who is going through a tough time emotionally or financially or both.

Expand Common Living Spaces

Common living spaces are what makes life nicer when a group must share a home.  Perhaps it’s time the playroom went back to being the family den. Can you restore the deck? Build a patio?  Or, perhaps you can create some smaller outdoor spaces where people can retreat for some time alone or in pairs.  

You should also pay attention to existing spaces and determine if they are friendly to a larger group of people.  Perhaps you want to move bulky furniture out and move more comfortable seating into the space.  

Whether you are thinking ahead or making changes in real time, your family members should appreciate your efforts. More than that, you should feel more comfortable in your own home, and you deserve that and more for taking in your family.

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