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How to Avoid Damaging Your Floor With Heavy Furniture

Moving is never an easy endeavor. There’s many things you will need to consider, and that’s even before you get to the actual move itself.

When you’re getting your furniture together, however, you will need to take special care, especially if you have hardwood floors. If you’re moving in or out, you need to keep in mind that hardwood floors are delicate and should be treated carefully. However, there’s still the need to move your furniture from place to place.

Here are some ideas that can help you to merge the two seamlessly:

Get help with the move

Pull the furniture apart

If you’ve got heavy furniture and you’re concerned about scratching your floors, then the first thing you should do is get someone to help you move it.

While you can be fine with moving a small robot vacuum and other tiny items, the truth is that pushing and lifting heavy stuff on your own is ever a good idea. You could ruin your hardwood floor, and you could cause yourself some significant injury in the process as well.

So, just get a few family members and friends who will be able to help you out. Things like couches, beds, coffee tables, large chairs, etc. are top on this list of furniture. If you can’t find a friend or family member, then perhaps you could get a professional moving company to just handle the entire thing for you. At least, they’re properly trained and can help you move things without touching the floor.

Pull the furniture apart

You could also move your furniture without having to carry it as it is. Just take things apart first.

For instance, instead of moving the entire bed, take out the frame, and just lift out the component parts one by one. The same goes for your couch- take out the cushions, then carry them and the frame separately.

Apart from the fact that the process of dismantling hardly takes any time, it will also help to lighten the load significantly. You might need to have a toolbox ready, but the truth is that moving becomes much easier if you just take the component parts apart.

Declutter the floor

Declutter the floor

You should also ensure that the floor space is free of any materials that could hinder your movement. Carpets, baskets, and other things should be taken off, so that your access to the door is unobstructed.

To begin with, a clear floor space ensures that you don’t run the risk of tripping and falling over. If you’re bumping into things your entire way, you’ll also find that moving the furniture is more difficult. Then, there’s the benefit of not damaging your floors. You can’t beat that.

Get moving blankets and towels

It’s also recommended that you get some professional moving blankets to help make your move easier. Moving blankets are padded, and they can be used to protect your furniture when you’re pulling and pushing it across the house. This means that you don’t risk damaging your hardwood floor.

There’s also the fact that moving blankets will reduce the risk of damaging your corners and walls.

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