How to Add Value to Your Home

Adding value to property has been a topic that has always preoccupied homeowners. Young couples looking to bolster the value of their flat before moving on to bigger and better things, retired couples looking to squeeze more money out of their family home before downsizing, and financially savvy entrepreneurs looking to earn a living from flipping houses. Approaches to adding value to a property vary but there a few methods that seem to more consistently pay dividends than others; we’ve listed a few of the most prominent below.

Loft conversions

Loft conversions

Increasing the size of a house is always to going to increase its value. Some extensions provide a greater return on investment than others. One of the most straightforward and profitable ways to do so is with a loft conversion.On the face of it, a property with three bedrooms is a far more attractive proposition than a property with just two. With high ceilings and a skylight, loft conversions have the potential to be an especially eye-catching addition to the home – and their arresting appearance is likely to play well with potential buyers.

Update your bathroom

Update your bathroom
A better working, better designed, more aesthetically appealing bathroom is sure to contribute to a higher price for your property. Subtle changes can be the most effective. A fresh lick of paint is an inexpensive way to transform your bathroom’s appearance. Having an understanding of the understated things that potential buyers look for in a property can go a long way. Sometimes, seemingly understanding alterations can have a big impact. Aframed shower enclosure for example, is worth more to potential buyers than a frameless shower despite it not necessarily costing more to buy.

Create kerb appeal

Create kerb appeal
One oft-repeated idea in discussions about boosting the value property is creating kerb appeal. The kerb, or the exterior of the home, is the first thing potential buyers see when they visit a for sale property. And first appearances, more than we’d probably like to admit, are absolutely crucial in colouring a potential buyers’ perception of a property.

An underwhelming first appearance is a difficult one to overcome and can even be enough to put a potential buyer off submitting an offer entirely.An unkempt lawn, an irregularly paved driveway, and blistering paint are unlikely to engender a positive reception from potential buyers.

Creating kerb appeal, cultivating even a facade of presentability, is imperative. An impressive outward appearance is achievable with just a small investment on your part, and your property is likely to fetch a much higher price as a result of this investment. Patching a lacklustre paint job with weatherproof coatings for example, will not only improve the aesthetic of the property, but will protect it from damage from the elements for decades – how is that for adding value?

Employing these tips and tricks will help you add value to your home without breaking the bank. Share any tried and tested techniques that you have successfully used in the past in the comments below!

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