How to Add a Personalized Touch to Your Home

It’s such an exciting experience to move into your own space. You get to decorate it in a way that represents your style. Plus, if you love creative projects like interior decorating, this can be a really fun experience to take on. As you prepare to pull out fabric swatches and interior design magazines, don’t forget that personalized touches are what will take your design to the next level. When a person walks into your home, they should be able to tell that you live there. Consider the following ways you can get creative in adding a personalized touch to your home.

Custom Wine Glasses

If you love to enjoy an occasional glass of wine after work or with your friends, creating custom wine glasses are an excellent way to personalize your home a bit more. If you have a group of girlfriends who come over once a month for a girls’ night in, get custom glasses with their nicknames etched inside. If you and your spouse love listening to music while you two enjoy some wine and snacks, get custom glasses that include the lyrics to your favorite song.
Custom Wine Glasses

Custom Mailbox

Even though you spend more time inside of your home, the exterior details of your home still matter. Never neglect your curb appeal. While it does take some effort, there are simple ways you can leave a great impression from the outside. Start with your mailbox. You can order a really cute custom mailbox that shares the family last name and the year you all became a family. You can also leave a positive, funny or inspirational quote on the mailbox as well. To keep things interesting, you can even change the mailbox cover to match each season as it comes around.

Custom Pillows

An ideal way to personalize your living space is to make your own custom pillow. Even though it’s nice to incorporate pillows, make sure you don’t go crazy with the size and the number. If you can’t sit on your couch without crushing twenty pillows, it’s time to make some readjustments. Try not to pile on more than three throw pillows per couch. It’s also great to switch up the prints. Instead of purchasing the standard floral pillow, consider a custom pillow. You can include a fun picture of your family on vacation to customize the pillow. You can get creative and take a picture of your kid’s artwork. Use that as the backdrop of the custom pillow.

Custom Doormats

Custom Doormats
Custom doormats are becoming increasingly popular as more people are figuring out ways to incorporate pop culture and trends into their home decor. If you’re a political junkie, take one of the most hilarious sound bytes from the debates and make a doormat out of it. You can also do the sweet options like the family name, the address or the word ‘welcome’ in a stunning font.

Custom Lanterns

There’s something special about lighting a candle in a room. When you light candles, the room automatically feels more intimate and tranquil. Sometimes, it’s not really about the scent of the candle. When you want to create a specific mood for your living room or dining room, purchase a custom lantern. Get it engraved with the family name. Choose a lantern color that matches your decor. Then, purchase a candle that matches the color of the lantern as well.

Custom Photo Candle Jar

Another option that includes candles is the custom photo candle jar. If you and your family did a lovely photoshoot for the holiday season, use one of those photos to order stunning photo labels. The labels are placed on jars with scented candles inside. Place the candle on a side table or a nearby bookshelf as a great memento. It’s such a unique way to display a family photo.
Custom Photo Candle Jar

Custom Picture Frame

When you purchase a picture frame at a regular department store, you add your photo to the frame once you’ve brought it home. Typically, this is the way people customize their picture frame experience. However, you can take it a step further by ordering a picture frame that has your custom message on it. If you’d like to get your names engraved or a specific date that commemorates the photo, it’s completely up to you.

Personalization and Creativity

It’s always nice to find unique ways to make your house a home. In a world where most people purchase their furniture and decor accessories from the same places, you can get creative with your approach. While reupholstering, sanding and painting have their place in the world of home decor, personalization is a gem of a process to include in your home as well.

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