How Staging Your House Adds To Its Overall Appeal!


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Many houses are being bought and sold every day, but there is always a prevalent difference between staged and unstaged houses. This distinction is more visible to the buyers as everybody wants their house to be the best, and staging a house certainly brings out the best in the house. 

But apart from the enhanced visual appeal of a stage house, there are many other reasons one should stage their house. Many homeowners prefer hiring professionals like Farmhouse Chic who help buyers stage their properties for better chances of upselling. 

Therefore, to highlight the significance of house staging, here are a few reasons why one should consider it.     

Why Is It Important To Stage A House For Sale?

Buyers Can Better Visualize Themselves In The House 

One of the primary reasons we should stage our houses is that a staged house makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the house. 

A staged home allows the buyers to check out different rooms and designate different purposes to different rooms. Numbers suggest that 83% of agents of different buyers say that staging a house makes it easier to purchase the house as the buyers are able to visualize themselves in the property.    

Better Pictures Of The House

These days, almost everybody has an online presence, and people tend to do more tasks digitally than physically. Similarly, as most real estate deals are brokered on the internet today, it is very important that we have stunning pictures of the house for showing to the buyers. 

This will ensure that the buyers get the right first impression of the house, further motivating them to come and visit the house to check it out physically. In certain cases, the real estate agents are the ones to broker the deal, so buyers do not even come to visit the house making it more important to have a picture-perfect home.

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Makes The House More Spacious

One of the most counterintuitive facts about a house is that rooms with furniture actually appear bigger as compared to an empty room. A room filled with furniture helps the buyers better understand the furniture’s dimensions according to the size of the room.

In certain cases, empty rooms make it more difficult for the buyer to determine the amount of space that their furniture will need, often resulting in the buyers assuming the house is smaller. This is where professionals like Valley View Staging help you create spacious homes in a limited area, increasing your abode’s prices in the process. 

Enhances The Value Of The Property

We understand that staging requires money, but when we dive deep into this calculation, we discover that staging can also impact the value of a house in a positive manner. 

Even in this case, the numbers show that 22% of the seller’s agents agree that staging can be 1-5% of the value offered by the buyers. At first, an increase of 1-5% might not seem that significant until we realize that 5% of $1000000 is $50000.

Concluding Thoughts

Staging a house for sale can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the resources and efforts to stage the house. Homebuyers must look at house staging as more of an investment and less of an expense. One can even reach out to a professional house staging service like Valley View Staging to stage their houses at affordable prices.

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