How Much to Hire a Digger for the Day?

Hiring a digger for the day can come in extremely handy when you are undertaking larger construction projects or need to make bigger excavations, but understanding the cost might be overwhelming. With some great options for digger hire Essex, the process doesn’t need to be complicated.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at what you can expect to pay for digger hire for one day and give you some tips on getting the best bang for your buck!

Cost of Digger Hire

The cost of digger hire for a day will vary depending on the company you use and the type of digger you require. If you opt for a mini digger, the average UK cost per day comes in somewhere between £60 and £95, Mini diggers are a popular choice and will give you the ability to dig down to around 2 and a half metres. Measuring just one metre across, they are ideal for use in domestic gardens. If you are looking to keep the digger for a longer period, you can expect to pay between £350 and £400.
Cost of Digger Hire

However, there are more options:

Micro diggers are even smaller than a mini digger and are ideal for small projects and spaces that are quite tight. They are perfect for digging smaller holes up to 2 metres and are relatively lightweight at around one tonne. You will pay around £75 per day to hire this type of digger.

If you require something with a little more power and might, you can opt to hire a large digger for an average of £125 per day. These heavy machines can dig to deeper depths of around 3 metres and can shift much more significant loads of material.

Hiring a Digger for a Day

Everyone wants to get the best deal on anything they are purchasing or renting and there are some great ways that you can ensure you get your money’s worth when hiring a digger for the day.
Hiring a Digger for a Day

  • There is the option to hire a digger with an operator if you have no prior experience in using this type of equipment but it is important to keep in mind that this will raise the cost. You can expect to pay up to £300 per day but if you can operate the digger yourself, this will keep the cost lower.
  • Should there be any damage to the digger, the rental company will expect you to cover the cost so ensure that you take good care of the equipment.
  • Opting for the smallest digger that fits your requirements will ensure that you don’t pay over the odds.
  • Renting from a local company will likely save you in transportation fees.
  • Be sure to have a work plan in place so that you can keep the digger for the shortest amount of time.
  • Shop around to find the best deal.


Whilst many people may think that hiring a digger for the day is going to break the bank, it is surprising to learn that you can hire a micro digger for as little as £75 a day. This price will increase depending on the size of the digger you require and whether you need someone to operate it with the most expensive option being as high as £300.

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