How Much does it Cost to have a Mini-split Installed?

You are moving into a new home and you are thrilled. Your new place is in a beautiful spot in Orlando, and you can’t wait to begin your new life and meet your neighbors. But when you enter your apartment, boxes in hand, you notice that you do not feel any cooler than you did outside. You realize that you do not have air conditioning, and you are wondering how much it will cost to cool your home.

If your new home does not have the necessary ducts to install an air conditioner, you may want to consider AC mini split installation.

What is a mini-split?

A mini-split is a cooling or heating system that lets you control the temperature in individual units or spaces. This kind of air conditioning unit has both indoor and outdoor components. The outdoor component resembles a window air conditioning unit.

The outdoor unit works as a compressor/condenser, and the indoor unit works as an evaporator. The main advantage of getting such a unit is that they are straightforward to install and therefore less expensive. 

An installer will simply drill a three-inch hole in the wall for the conduit. Power cables connect the indoor and outdoor units. It also contains copper tubing and a condensation drain line.

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How much money will I save?

An air conditioner in a 2000 square foot home will generally run anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. You can get a mini-split air conditioner for around $1,500. Remember to purchase your air conditioner from a reputable company. A good mini-split should come with a year-long guarantee. 

The Advantages of A Mini-Split

In addition to being less expensive and easier to install, a mini-split system is better for many people because very little can go wrong with it. A traditional air conditioning system uses ducts to transmit air through your home. 

Although it makes you feel cool and wonderful, conventional air conditioning costs a lot of money to operate because of all the energy used in transferring conditioned air. Dust and pollen may also become lodged in the ducts, which can lead to problems and expensive repairs.

Mini-splits also have their own programmable thermostat, so everyone in the house can control their own temperature.

Living room with air conditioner
Blue living room with gray sofa and air conditioner on wall – 3D Rendering

Things to be Aware of When Considering a Mini-Split

If you get a mini-split that is too big for the area it is supposed to cool, it may be short cycling and waste energy. You should have a mini-split system professionally installed. If it is not installed correctly, you may find that your energy bills are much higher than you anticipated.

Tips for Buying a Mini-Split

Although you may see mini split air conditioners advertised for meager prices, it is best not to buy them from a big-box store. You should buy one from a professional air conditioning company. A trustworthy air conditioning company will install the system for you, and they should also have a guarantee on a unit that they sell you. You should ask about a maintenance plan, so your mini-split system can keep you cool for years to come.

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