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How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Junk?

Getting rid of junk offers many health, organizational, pest control, and psychological benefits for homeowners. If you have finally decided to get rid of the towers of junk piling up on the garage, attic, or another part of your home, you probably wonder how much the activity will cost you. Unfortunately, junk removal varies significantly from one job to the next, and therefore most companies shy away from providing estimates on their websites. To get a quote, call up a reputable company like Classic Cleanout Malden MA; they will send a professional to your home for a thorough assessment and an approximate quote. 

Junk Removal Price Estimates

The price estimate that the junk removal company expert will offer will depend on several factors. Your location, the volume and weight of junk, the nature of the junk, and the staffing it takes to remove it will all determine the final price. Instead of removing your junk yourself, you can opt to rent a dumpster but be warned that it is not a task for the faint-hearted. This article will list the factors affecting the price of professional junk removal to help you make an educated choice.

Location And Environment

Junk removal companies will consider your location and its environs in determining an estimate. For example, a person living in a city apartment complex will pay more for junk removal compared to one living in a semi-detached house with ease of access and removal.

 A rule of thumb is that junk removal is more expensive in urban areas than rural ones because of the high disposal fees that junk removal companies are subjected to in cities. The same company may remove a truckload of junk from one area for $600 and charge $800 for a similar truckload depending on the location. 

Type Of Junk To Be Removed

Junk removal companies are likely to charge less for lightweight recyclable materials that may not occupy a large volume. On the other hand, heavy and nonrecyclable junk will attract higher charges as some of these items have particular legal rules surrounding their safe disposal, e.g., refrigerators. 

Junk that needs to be disassembled will also attract higher costs. You can reduce the cost of the junk removal by getting rid of whatever is accepted by the local government’s sanitation department first, then calling in the junk removal company for the rest of the items. To further reduce the cost, disassemble any items you can safely handle; this will reduce the time the junk removal crew spends on your project. 


Volume-based pricing is prevalent amongst junk removal companies. It is usually based on how full your truck of junk is, with pricing units ranging from full truckload, half truckload, and minimum truckload. An expert from the junk removal company will give a reasonable estimate after viewing the junk you wish to dispose of. 

Volume-based pricing is often combined with time-based pricing for a proper balance. On some occasions, the junk may have a large volume but not require much time and labor when removing, e.g., mattresses. Other times, the volume of junk may be small but very complicated to remove and dispose of, e.g., electronic items like air conditioners. 

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Weight-based pricing is catching on because it is much more precise than volume-based; it is also used alongside time-based pricing. Unlike volume, which changes after dismantling some items of junk, weight remains scientifically fixed. 

The downside is that weight is much harder to estimate in advance compared to volume. Junk removal companies create a price chart that shows clients how much they can expect to pay for specific weight ranges. 

Time taken

As mentioned above, time-based pricing is a prevalent method. The junk removal company will clock in and out, and you must keep an eye on the clock. Companies are relying less on this method because it does not offer the client an upfront estimate.

 The total time taken on a job will depend on factors like the layout of your property if you have organized the junk to be disposed of, whether any dismantling is required and how much the junk weighs. 

Extra Services

Any additional services that you may require of the junk removal crew will be billed separately by the company. For example, people often want the mess left behind after junk removal (e.g., after removing construction debris) immediately cleaned. If you wish your junk removal company to perform any additional services of this kind, inform them in advance so they can invoice you appropriately. 

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