How Much Does a CCTV Drain Survey Cost?

Proper drainage is a necessity for every residential or commercial building.
Maintenance of the drainage system is essential for prolonged working conditions. The drain CCTV survey Kent helps to see what exactly is going on with your pipes below the surface. If you are wondering what a drain CCTV survey is, then this article is going to answer all your questions in detail. We will be detailing when and why you might need a CCTV survey of your drain and how the whole process takes place.

CCTV Drain Survey-What is it?

A drain survey is the process of in-depth inspection of the drainage system using specially made CCTV cameras inserted into the drains with the help of access rods and crawlers. These cameras send live feedback to the drainage engineer, helping him get a good view of the drainage pipes. This helps them easily identify the issues that may be causing blockage or leakage.
CCTV Drain Survey-What is it

The process is comparatively simple than it appears to be when we put it out in words for you. But before we list the equipment used and the process, let’s understand when and why you might need a drain CCTV survey Kent.

Why will you need a CCTV drain survey?

In several situations, the drainage CCTV survey becomes an indispensable tool to help you in several situations other than just blocked pipes or leaking sewage. For instance, if you are buying a new property, you can arrange a survey before the final purchase of the new home. With drain CCTV survey Kent, you can know the precise condition of the current drainage system and avoid getting into trouble with future repairs. A drainage survey is an important part of the evaluation process of a property.

If you are a homeowner or tenant who is experiencing drain troubles but have no idea what is the root cause, a quick CCTV survey of the drainage can find the main cause and save you a lot of time and money that would be wasted otherwise on troubleshooting the problem blindly.

There can be many more reasons to choose a CCTV drainage survey, but you get the idea now. Let’s move on to understand the process.

CCTV Drainage Survey-Equipment used and the process

A technician will visit your property with a range of tools and equipment to conduct a successful survey of the drainage system. The most commonly used equipment for such a survey includes waterproof high tech cameras, access rods, crawlers, and sonar units. The waterproof cameras work even under the flowing water, and they help to give a clear view of the drain. The equipment that is used to take the camera inside the drain is the access rod. These are strong yet flexible rods that help to push the camera into the tightest or remotest spaces. Then comes the crawlers- the remote-operated equipment that provides visual access to the drain and sewer system. Last but not least, there are sonar units that are used to do audio profiling to the drain pipes to know their actual condition.

A drain CCTV survey Kent typically starts with you arranging an appointment. A drainage engineer visits your property at the allotted time and discusses the drainage issue you are facing before setting up the equipment. Depending on the problem, the engineer will insert the CCTV camera into the drainage using the most suitable equipment. During this step, any damage or blockage gets identified by observing the live-feed from the CCTV camera. The engineer will share the findings of the survey and recommend the right solution-whether drainage system needs repairing or cleaning. Depending on the severity of the condition, you can decide to act immediately or schedule an appointment.


There can be many problems that can lead to poor drainage. While some are easy to identify, others might be stealth and will need a CCTV survey to identify such problems. Troubles like collapsed drains, tree root ingress, burst pipes, and animal intrusion are very hard to find from the outside. Drainage surveys are designed to be an extensive and thorough review of your drainage system. With a successful CCTV drainage survey, you can identify minor and major issues alike.

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