How Much Do Electric Gates Cost?

There are a variety of reasons that a homeowner may wish to install electric gates:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Resale value
  • Prestige

In the U.K., home security is a big concern. These days, more homeowners wish to improve home security as a way of deterring or defeating vandalism and criminal activity.

Security gates that are electronically controlled, frequently in conjunction with audio and/ or video intercom, certainly aid in establishing a secure, cost-effective perimeter.

Convenience, likewise, can play a vital part in making the decision to have electric gates installed. While there are many U.K. properties that currently have sturdy iron or wooden gates installed, for much of the time, these are left open due to the inconvenience of opening and closing them repeatedly during the day and night.

Safety is a further reason as to why electric gates have become popular.

Due to the increase in traffic on U.K. roads, there’s a heightened concern for the safety of children and pets. Electric gates can prevent children and/ or pets from wandering outside onto busy roads.

Moreover, electrically-controlled driveway gates generally help to increase a home’s resale value. They can certainly improve kerbside appeal.

If you are thinking about having an electric gate installed, you must carefully consider which type of gate that best fits in with the style of your property and with your requirements.

For example, will the gates be used for walking through as opposed to driving through?

If yes, it’s likely a better proposition to invest in a gate that comes with separate pedestrian access.

This way, the gate’s control mechanism avoids excessive wear and tear.

Ensuring Trouble-Free Gate Operation

Ensuring Trouble-Free Gate Operation

Installation of electric gates is not always a trouble-free process.

In turn, it is recommended that you invest in a good-quality motor and employ professionals to make the installation.

This will very likely save money over the longer term, even if only to avoid repetitive engineer call-outs.

Cheaper gate-operation motors together with poor-quality installation will equate to lesser costs at the outset. However, along with lesser initial outlay comes multiple repeat visits in order to fix problems.

Types of Electric Gate Automation

There are various types of electric gate automation from which to choose. Really, this is dependent on how the gates open.

There are swing gates whereby both gates are able to swing outwards. Swing gates are not only the cheapest form of electric gate but are also the most common in the U.K. They tend to work best where the road surface is flat.

On the other hand, sliding electric gates are aesthetically very pleasing. Nevertheless, these gates are only suitable when there is ample space available at the sides to allow the gate to fully open.

Swing- and ram-opening electric gates are also a popular choice among homeowners.

For this type of gate, with regards to discretion, the operating system should be installed underground.

Swing- and ram-opening electric gates are the most costly, particularly so when the operating system is installed below the surface of the ground.

Electric Gates and Planning Permission

Electric Gates and Planning Permission
Usually, electric-gate installation does not call for planning permission. That is unless the gate is to be located alongside a public footpath or road. Either that, or if the gate is over one metre in height, planning permission may be necessary.

Any gate that is more than two metres in height will certainly require planning permission. However, if you wish to make a replacement of an existing gate or you want to add automation, given that you do not increase the height of the current gate, planning permission will not be required.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Electric Gates?

The key factors in terms of dictating the cost of electric gates are:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Materials used in manufacture

Making a replacement of a current gate will, for obvious reasons, be a cheaper proposition than installing an electric gate for the first time.

All the same, if the existing pillars, which are typically made from brick and steel, need to be replaced, there is that additional cost to consider.

Usually, it’s the actual gate that incurs the largest cost.

Depending on the size and type of gate, it may cost anything between £700 and £2000.

Additional features will likely considerably increase the cost.

For example, for an automation mechanism, you’d be looking to invest between £300 and £1800.

There’s also the intercom system to consider.
How Much Does it Cost to Install Electric Gates
An intercom system can cost from £250 right up to £1200, depending on functionality and quality.

To hire a tradesperson to install an electric gate, you’re looking at approximately one week’s work. The amount of time will vary depending on the installation.

Because electric gate installation is a specialist skill, some tradespeople do charge high labour rates.

Rates for electric gate installation starts out at around £250 though it can, and often is, considerably higher.

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