How Innovation in the 2020’s will Change the Home Design Archetype

Home design is already undergoing a fundamental shift.

Gone are the rash and brash ideas of just a few years ago.

Everyone is dreaming of a stunning new contemporary home and wondering where they can find such a treasure. One of the most innovative home designs can be found in a special collection of modern houses for sale in Mount Waverley.

It’s all about capturing the beauty of a special location and bringing those elements into the design of your home.

It’s no surprise that innovative and intuitive architectural design can bring both an uplifting and transformative effect to your life.

The latest in modern home design draws from the surroundings and creates a connection that is calming and inspiring. There are a number of clever decisions at play that make all the difference to the well-being of your home and the life you live within it.

Wishing wellness was a home design feature

The innovations in architectural design for the 2020’s arecentred on wellness.
Wishing wellness was a home design feature

This trend began to emerge as a wider movement with architects, designers and homeowners all looking at the home as a connection to the outer world.

The important factors in this innovative outlook became more defined and include;

  • Utilising and even manipulating natural light wherever possible – including angled windows and skylights.
  • Showcasing exterior views and particularly outlooks to nature.
  • Connecting to water sources such as lakes, ponds and fountains.
  • Adding other natural elements that can be seen, heard or touched.

These attributes will only become more important as time goes on. Having these key factors incorporated into the home design of today makes for a brighter and more positive future in living arrangements, explains Bighorn Rentals.

A unique move

There was a time, particularly through the years of 2013 to 2018 when homes and apartments were being built in virtually a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. This meant many homes and dwellings were completed without any personality or style and almost nothing unique about them at all.

This has been addressed by the rise in the growing number of quality built and specially designed homes.

It is now clear to see that the blandness of those earlier years have led to a hunger for homes that offer a look that is both personal and something eternal.

The newer design trends of the 2020’s

With almost every household having experienced remote working and learning at home, the importance of multifunctional spaces has become one of the most significant design options from 2020 onwards.

The ability to double-up a space and its functionality is a key ingredient in modern homes, especially in the areas of kitchen and dining rooms.

A well designed kitchen with an island can transform into a dining area and workstation. This offers the choice of using the space to prepare, cook and eat or socialiseand even work from.
The newer design trends of the 2020’s
An entirely separate room is no longer needed and the flow of the design gives a continuity of the energy and light throughout the home.

The innovation of natural living

It is a well-known fact – backed by formal research – that incorporating elements of nature into the living environment has a role in reducing stress and even calming blood pressure and easing heart rates.

That’s why the home designs of the 2020’s are now integrating the natural elements into the modern home. This is done through harnessing the natural light, the use of natural materials as well as plants and vegetation. It all works together as a way to improve the overall health of those living in the home.

The added benefits in this fresh style of design can result in more productivity, creativity and people feeling a better sense of well-being.

There is a growing need for a more sustainable future. The homes of today are making better use of the environment, their own specific location and adding a wellness factor to each element of the design.

Using natural light and incorporating water features, living walls and indoor gardens goes hand-in-hand with using natural materials such as recycled stone, metals and wood.

Having a colour scheme that showcases those shades and tones found in nature, adds to the well-being advantages of the home.

Welcoming Nature

Having a highly functional home is paramount to modern living.

With the right modern design that utilises naturally inspired materials adds style to function.

Coming with the move away from the cramped and claustrophobic growth of the inner city, home owners are now craving an area of the suburbs where there are ample natural spaces and the charm of leafy streets.

A little bit of Melbourne magic

As a quiet achiever, Mount Waverley has much to offer beyond its truly tranquil and leafy location. It’s no wonder that whenever there are any Mount Waverley houses for sale, they’re snapped up in a heartbeat. As one of Melbourne’s most sought after settings, the lifestyle is second to none.
A little bit of Melbourne magic
With innovative and inviting designs as well as the luxury of lakeside views, the Waterfront collection of modern living gives you everything you could want inside and outside your own front door.

A charmed life starts here and now – at Aqua, in the green heart of Sienna.

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