How Group Therapy Can Help You Deal With Personal Issues

Sometimes when dealing with personal issues, what we need most is the support and acceptance of those around us. And more than that, we want the knowledge that we are not alone with our problem. We need to know that there are others dealing with the same issues and facing the same conflicts. However, individual therapy cannot provide us with that security and support. In such cases, group therapy is the best option. Whether it’s dealing with any kind of addiction or struggling with ailments like PTSD, having a group of people share your problems can be very motivating. Unlike what people believe, group therapy isn’t just telling your woes to a bunch of similarly troubled people. It involves group activities, sharing experiences, and helping group members whenever possible. So, how does group therapy work? How can it help us in dealing with our personal issues? Let’s take a look.

Learn About Shared Troubles


In a group therapy, all participants are expected to share their problems and listen to others’ issues as well. This sharing of our troubles with a group of people who have gone through the same struggles or deal with the same issues can help us be more open and frank. Voicing our thoughts and issues can help us accept our problems and start dealing with them. It also gives us the confidence to open up about our issues in front of friends, family, and other people. Group therapy has many benefits which you can learn more about in this article. However, learning to accept our issues and sharing with others is perhaps its biggest advantage.

Share Your Experiences With People

Group counseling involves all members sharing their personal experiences regarding a particular issue like addiction, drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, etc. When we hear other people discuss their own struggles and share their experiences of a particular issue, it helps us feel less lonely and afraid. Also, listening to other people’s experiences can help us gain a different perspective on our own issues and struggles. It can give us an insight into what mistakes to avoid and how to deal with failures.

Feel A Sense of Belonging


When you are dealing with personal issues, feeling lonely and distant from others is quite common. We may feel that no one else understands what we are going through and that can make dealing with the problem even more difficult. However, group therapy sessions can easily give you a feeling of belonging in the group. Sharing your issues and experiences with others dealing with the same issues can help build a good camaraderie with others. It can also make you feel involved and wanted as well as motivate you to help yourself as well as your group members.

Learn New Strategies For Personal Growth

Group counseling is a way for you to improve yourself and learn to deal with your problems. In a group, all members help each other with their issues. When others share their experiences and success stories, it can give you motivation and hope. But more than that, it can also help you learn new ways to handle your problems. You can try their ideas and get their help and support in doing so too. Facing difficulties and fighting through it can help you in your personal growth too.

As Stephen Covey once said, “There’s no greater investment than self-growth.” The main aim of any kind of therapy, whether individual or group, is to help you accept your issues and deal with them in a constructive and helpful way. While individual therapy is useful in some situations, there are other cases where it may not help. Group therapy is a shared experience and can help you make positive changes in your life and feel better.

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