How does having a clean office environment boost productivity and morale?

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Have you ever got to work in the morning and walked into your workspace only to be hit by a wall of stale air? Have you sat down at your desk, let out a sigh, and started having another bad day in the office?

Studies have shown that at least one in ten people are unhappy at their place of employment because of their environment.

It’s also true people do their best work when they are in an environment where they feel comfortable, leaving no excuses for not having efficient Office Cleaning Services

Having a clean and tidy work environment should be a top priority if companies wish to succeed.

Cleanliness and Productivity

When it comes to making workers feel welcomed in their office, there is nothing like cleanliness. But how does cleanliness affect productivity? How does having a clean office environment boost productivity and morale? 

In many ways, being surrounded by an unclean environment can impact the way one performs at work. For example, studies have shown that employees who sit near windows enjoy significantly higher levels of job satisfaction than those who sit near walls where less natural light filters through.

This is because humans are creatures of habit, and we want to be surrounded by things that make us feel good.

There is a direct connection between a clean work environment and increased productivity levels. Employees who engage in activities such as creating a clean workspace, washing hands frequently, and even taking short walks outside experience higher productivity levels at the office. 

Those who maintain an organized workspace tend to take on more tasks and do them well. 

Employees whose offices are cluttered find their desks covered with piles of paper from previous meetings or projects, which causes stress because they cannot find important documents when needed to complete another task. This, in turn, can cause anxiety and even interfere with concentration.

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Company Image

A clean workspace looks more professional to your customers and shows that you care about your company image. When a clean workspace surrounds your employees, you show them that you appreciate their hard work every day.

A clean office space conveys that you care about taking good care of your business and that your employees are important.

Add some welcome touches, like fresh flowers, to encourage employees to work harder. This small gesture will help boost their morale which, in turn, can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Smells also affect productivity

It’s useful when studying employee well-being to be reminded of how smells can resonate around us. Some might associate pleasant odors with lovely memories, like the smell of fresh bread baking in an oven makes us think of holidays at home with the family. 

Other smells may not be so good and might make us think of bad things, like the smell of waste bins or bad food is enough to put you off your lunch. Our sense of smell can play a big part in our happiness and productivity at work. 

Employees who spend their days surrounded by smells ranging from unpleasant to downright nasty can experience a decrease in concentration levels as well as increased levels of fatigue, frustration, and even depression from being exposed to unpleasant odors all day long.

Some studies have shown that people working in an environment exposed to unpleasant odors will produce less work than those who do not experience this effect. This is because the brain uses extra energy trying to process these smells.

The moral of the story? If you want to promote your employees’ morale and make them comfortable. Create a place where they can be productive and focus on getting their work done without distractions or unpleasant odors.

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Take a break

Living in a world where we spend most of our time behind desks causes us to lose perspective on what good physical health feels like. 

Employees need to take breaks from sitting down and engage in activities such as going outside or taking short walks throughout the day.

One study showed that employees who took 15-minute breaks every two hours experienced better concentration, less risk of accident-related injuries, and improved creativity. In fact, according to a study by the Stanford University School of Business, employees who leave the office for lunch at least three times a week show higher levels of engagement with their work.

As you can see from the points made above, there are many reasons why cleanliness matters when it comes to morale in the workplace. 

If your company provides cleaning services or a designated team whose job is to keep the space tidy, make sure that they understand how vital cleaning decisions are to the health and happiness of every employee within those walls. 

Make sure that you personally prioritize cleanliness as well because an unkempt workspace leads to a greater sense of disorganization, which can directly impact motivation and productivity.

Fewer absences through illness

Having a clean environment helps to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, which means fewer people will be sick throughout the course of a day. This means less time wasted by co-workers taking care of sick employees and more time spent on the tasks at hand.

Additionally, when there are fewer illnesses in the office, it can lead to an overall sense of well-being among your company’s employees, which can increase morale. 

4 more reasons to keep the office tidy

  1. Keeping a clean office space affects your motivation levels and ability to concentrate on the task at hand. When you’re surrounded by garbage, it can be hard to focus on anything else but your surroundings which is why it’s essential to keep your desk or workspace clean and tidy.
  2. Do not leave lunch plates on the desk or paperwork on chairs because this will lead to high anxiety levels among colleagues who do not know where to sit down.
  3. Open windows regularly and use an air filtration system whenever possible
  4. Employees who wash their hands frequently and keep an organized workspace tend to take on more tasks and do them well because they know where everything is instead of wasting time looking for important documents. 


The key to boosting productivity and morale in the workplace is keeping things clean, tidy, and fresh at all times. Focusing on these things can increase motivation levels, directly affecting your ability to concentrate and complete tasks successfully. 

Organized spaces also help employees feel more comfortable, which boosts happiness, energy, and productivity.

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