How Do You Fix Common AC Problems?

The best way to fix air conditioning problems is to avoid them in the first place. This means choosing a reputable business specializing in air conditioning sales and undertaking regular maintenance.

Of course, no matter how well you look after your unit you can still encounter issues. That’s why it’s essential to discover how you fix the most common AC problems. This will ensure you’re prepared and you know when to try and repair the issue yourself or when to call the professionals.

Reduced Airflow

There are several reasons why the airflow can be reduced but the most common issues are a blockage in the system. Leaks tend to make little difference to the airflow as the unit works harder to maintain the temperature.

Blockages in the ducts will be a result of either a dirty air filter or a blockage inside the ducts.

Remove your air filter regularly and vacuum it to keep it clean. It’s best to replace it annually.

Freezing Condenser Coils


Your air conditioning uses a refrigerant that is specially designed to remove heat and humidity from the air. It does this as the warm air passes through the condenser coils, effectively creating cold air that can be blown into your home.

However, if there is not an adequate supply of warm air moving over the coils, they will become too cold and a layer of ice will form on the outside. This will then prevent the refrigerant from doing its job and leave you with warm air inside your home.

Cleaning the coils will help to maintain airflow, as will ensuring there are no obstructions.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant removes heat. If the refrigerant level is low it will be less able to remove the heat. The result is your air conditioner will send warm air into your house or it may simply stop working.

You’ll need to check all the refrigerant pipes in your system to look for leaks. If there are none visible you can create a mixture of water and soap and spray this on the outside of the pipes. You’ll see bubbles forming where the pipe is leaking. This is actually air escaping not refrigerant and suggests the level of refrigerant is already low.

The leaks will need to be sealed or the pipes replaced. It should be noted that this is one job you should pass over to the professionals.

House Too Warm or Too Cold


This is often a result of the thermostat not working properly. The easiest way to test this is to change the setting by several degrees and see if it makes any difference to the temperature of the room or building.

If the thermostat is faulty then the air conditioning is doing its job, it just doesn’t know what temperature the room should be at.

You’ll need to purchase a replacement thermostat and swap them. This is as simple as removing the old one and copying the wiring into the new one. Just make sure you turn off the air conditioning and the power first.

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