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How Do I Choose An Outdoor Camera?


Has there recently been a burglary in your area? Are you worried about your home security? Installing an outdoor camera is a great way of ensuring the security of your home and getting the peace of mind you deserve. 

Outdoor cameras are also relatively cheap and easy to install. This makes them a more convenient option than opting for a whole security system. There are also many different types of outdoor cameras available. Outdoor dome security cameras are a great option as they provide a visibility range of almost 98 feet.

Benefits of an Outdoor Camera

Are you on the fence about getting an outdoor camera? Outdoor security cameras have many different uses, including residential, commercial, and even industrial. Whether you are looking to secure your business or home, an outdoor camera is a great idea. Studies have shown that security cameras can reduce the probability of burglaries by 17%. 

They are great for both access and perimeter monitoring. They can help deter and stop criminal activity. Burglars usually stay away from houses and businesses that have security cameras since they are more likely to get caught.

They also allow you to monitor your area and take note of any suspicious behavior. This can alert you to any planned burglary and help avoid it. 

In case a theft does occur at your home/business, the security camera footage means you will have evidence. This can help you catch the culprits and maybe even recover the stolen goods. The security camera footage is also a great help if you are seeking to claim insurance. 

In case you have little children who like to play outside, you can supervise them through the outdoor camera. 

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How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera?

The great thing about security cameras is that you can install them yourself! While you could always opt for professional installation, here’s how you can save some money and do it yourself!

These days, most cameras come with an easy installation process. In case you do not want to drill a hole in your wall, you can even attach it to a magnetic surface or set it on a table. However, we recommend mounting them on your wall when it comes to outdoor cameras.

Make sure the spot you choose has a large field of view. It should also be convenient for you to use the plugin, turn it on/off and sync with your other devices. Most people opt to place their outdoor cameras where they can see the front/back porch. 

Once you have found the perfect spot, locate a stable spot on that wall. You may have to locate a stud in the wall for certain cameras, or you can go for an option that comes with drywall anchors. 

Now mark and drill the holes, make sure you do not disrupt any existing wiring when drilling. Then you will have to put the wiring back through the wall to the source where you place your monitoring device.

This is a rough guide, and every security camera may have a different installation method that you may have to follow. 

How Do I Choose an Outdoor Camera?

When it comes to deciding on an outdoor camera that works for your needs, you will have to consider different factors.

When picking an outdoor camera, make sure that it is sturdy and durable. If you have extreme weather in your area, your outdoor camera will have to withstand a lot. So make sure to check the operating temperature of the camera and if it is safe for outside use. 

You should also look at the field of view provided by the camera. Cameras for your garage area will require a larger field of view. When it comes to a porch camera, you can settle for a smaller field of view.

Outdoor cameras also come with different power options. You can get a wired one which you will have to connect to the internet and a power source using wires. Wireless outdoor cameras will connect to the internet without a wire, but you will still have to plug into a power source. 

You can even opt for a completely wire-free camera that runs on battery. You should make your decision based on which type is most convenient for you.

Outdoor cameras also come with different types of storage. Cloud storage lets you have a backup which is great in case a thief runs away with your camera. However, many people prefer local storage since it’s more convenient and less prone to getting hacked. 

Final Thoughts 

An outdoor camera is a great way to protect your home or business. Even if your area is generally safe, you can keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. The best part is that it is easy to install and use. Just make sure you choose one that fits your needs!

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