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How Cooling Bedding Helps You Beat the Heatwave

How Cooling Bedding Helps You Beat the Heatwave

Nothing disrupts sleep quite like being the wrong temperature. Even studies have shown that being cool—around 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 degrees Celsius—makes most people stay asleep longer. But if you have the wrong bedding, maintaining the ideal temperature for high-quality sleep can be a challenge.

At lasuens, you probably know we are big believers in bamboo bedding for its comfort and environmentally-friendly nature. But another huge reason why we love bamboo comforters and sheets is that they are cooler than most other types of bedding. It’s an easy, effective way to beat the heatwave! Here are some of the top ways that bamboo bedding keeps you cool and ensures you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Superior Breathability and Absorbency

Superior Breathability

Some fabrics are so heavy and dense that you can feel trapped in them when they’re in bed. But not bamboo fabric. Bamboo bedding is breathable. You won’t have to worry about getting hot and sweaty. Bamboo is also absorbent, which is beneficial if you tend to break out in night sweats. You won’t feel uncomfortably damp in the middle of the night.

Thanks to the properties of bamboo fabric, air can easily pass through back and forth. The fibers also ensure consistent temperature from head to toe! You won’t have to worry about feeling hotter or colder in certain places.

Softness That Feels Good All Year Round

Even the most breathable fabric will still be uncomfortable if the fabric isn’t soft. Luckily, bamboo bedding is silky-soft to the touch. While some textures may feel cheap and itchy, bamboo fabric is smooth. It’s a lightweight fabric that’s pure comfort!

Ability to Regulate Body Temperature for You

Ability to Regulate Body Temperature

Bamboo is cool to the touch and thermal-regulating on its own. So, it’s really great for all types of sleepers! Whether you tend to feel cool, warm, or hot at night, the bamboo bedding will help bring some consistency to your sleep habits. It will make sure you’re always the perfect temperature—which is a lot more than you can say of most types of bedding.

Bamboo bedding is also great to keep on your bed year-round if you choose. You won’t need to change the bedding to adapt to the different temperatures of the seasons.

A Price Tag That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Maybe the price doesn’t exactly relate to beating the heatwave—but it’s definitely a bonus! There are a lot of fancy fabric options out there that will cause you to spend a lot more than you’d probably like on bedding. But cooling bamboo bedding is a great value for the price. You can sleep in luxury without the huge price tag.

Order Your Cooling Bedding from Lausens

Clearly, bamboo bedding is the best choice for even the hottest nights. It’s comfortable and cool, but it won’t break the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Order your bamboo bedding from Lausens today! It will help you feel cool in bed every night. Purchase a cool bamboo comforter, bamboo sheets, and duvet from us to ensure a consistently comfortable and cool night’s sleep.

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