Home Improvement Trends to Jump on to Make Your Home Unique

Every homeowner wants to create a distinctive interior that oozes style and sophistication. It is, therefore, a smart idea to gain an understanding of the biggest and best trends which could transform your property.

If you’re ready to inject a touch of luxury into your décor to make your home more unique, here are the home improvement trends to jump on in 2020.

Built-In Storage

Built-in storage is one home improvement trend that will never go out of style. Hire an experienced carpenter to build fitted wardrobes into your bedroom, a window seat that features in-built storage, or you could add cabinet storage into an alcove. You can also create a modern, functional, and stylish property with under stairs storage, which could be ideal for storing:

  • Footwear
  • Handbags 
  • Blankets
  • Household items

Architectural Ironmongery

Add a splash of elegance into rooms across the home with stunning architectural ironmongery. For example, you could breathe new life into your kitchen by installing attractive cupboard knobs and pulls. You also could improve your home’s curb appeal by installing a new door handle, bolts, letter plates, and knockers on your front door.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Create a more luxurious home by installing underfloor heating, which is perfect for people who are struggling with cold tiles. It’s becoming a popular feature in many modern homes, as it allows property owners to enjoy the stunning aesthetics and durability of tiles while creating a comfortable space. Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are ideal finishes with either water or electric underfloor heating.

Outdoor Lighting

Bring your garden to life at night with outdoor lighting, which can be fitted in different areas across your backyard. In addition to creating a more attractive social space once the sun goes down, they can serve as a superb security feature. You also can avoid hard-wired lighting by opting for solar-paneled lights, which will reduce your energy bills and provide more flexibility.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

If you want to enjoy the beauty of your garden from the comfort of your living room or kitchen, bi-fold doors are one home improvement trend you would be foolish to ignore. It is a clever tactic for increasing light into a room, which is a perfect solution for darker rooms. What’s more, it can increase your property’s flexibility and create a more spacious, airy interior design. Plus, it will allow you to enjoy your backyard in every kind of weather. 

Vibrant Kitchens

Many homeowners often play it safe when choosing a kitchen, as they will often opt for neutral colors, such as grey, muted white, grey, beige, or black. However, you could add vibrancy and personality into the space by ditching the dull colors for brighter hues, such as bold greens, blues, reds, or purples. Browse the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for kitchen inspiration, which could provide you with the confidence to pick a bolder shade.

So, if you want to improve your home in 2020, the above tips could give your property the wow factor.

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