How to Select the Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom Vanity


Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom Vanity

When you walk into a bathroom, you are there to clean up and the feel and flow of the rooms lines is where it all starts. Mirrors are indeed a tool first, to gaze upon yourself while you prepare yourself for your busy day, but they are also used to open up your bathroom space and make your restroom more inviting. Depending on your bathroom vanity, there are a few ways you can decide to utilize your wall space for mirrors. The flowing is a list of all of the options suggested by leading interior designers. You can also browse plenty of mirrors at Choice Builder Solutions.

Mirror Hight and Width

Mirror Hight and Width

The ideal width of a mirror would be the exact width of your vanity but not everyone has the resources or will to purchase a custom installation. As a rule of thumb, the leaders in design suggest a mirror that is as close to 75% of the width of your vanity as possible. Using a mirror that is in the 90% larger range turns out making the mirror look ill fit. Smaller mirrors lead to underutilization of space.

In regards to the mirrors height, a functional mirror should leave your eyes resting at least a foot above and below your eye line. That being said, the higher up you have room to go, the better. For those who value storage, the same sizing ideas applies to medicine cabinets.

Using more than one mirror

If you have a wide vanity, another thing to consider is how many mirrors to hang above your vanity. The two options would be to use one large mirror spanning across the whole vanity, or use two or even three taller more narrow mirrors side by side. Using one mirror will leave your bathroom looking more open and airy. Using multiple tall narrow mirrors will make your bathroom ceiling look taller. If you have a wide vanity were the sink is offset to one side vs in the middle, it is recommended to use two mirrors; centering one above the sink, and one centered above the empty space adjacent.

Wall to Wall Approach

Wall to Wall Approach

Another option if your toilet is placed on the same wall as your vanity, is to do-away with bothering about the size of your vanity, and place a large mirror on the wall that spans the length of the vanity and toilet. This option will often call for a custom sized mirror as it is recommended that the mirror lie in one of two manors. One would be to have the mirror run literally from wall to wall in width. The other would be to have a framed mirror that matches the lines of the toilet and vanity. In either case, when choosing a wall to wall mirror, try to get one that reaches as close to the ceiling as possible.

Round Mirrors

Round Mirrors are the least functional but can add a lot of style to a bathroom depending on the other components of the room. Because of the negative space they leave in absence of their corners, they are recommended for people with pedestal sinks, and those who have wallpaper they would like to show off.

The bottom line – pay attention to the lines of your current bathroom fixtures and complement them the best you can. When in doubt, ask for help from a friend.

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