How Comfortable and Private Should Bathrooms Be?

Privacy and comfort in restrooms are two things that are non-negotiable. It is common knowledge that the longer you try to ‘hold it’ the more harm you are doing to yourself. There are many things that can go wrong when you neglect privacy and comfort. One of such common ‘things’ is the gastrointestinal issues and of course the most embarrassing one is when your body can’t help but let ‘it’ go right there on the street or at the board room meeting.

Also research has shown that people experience a particular type of phobia – Paruresis (difficulty in easing themselves) once there is lack of privacy. This highlights the reason public bathrooms should be partitioned to increase privacy.

Privacy and comfort are not optional, they are necessities, so what are some factors to look out for when considering comfort and privacy for a high-end commercial bathroom.

Use of high Windows

Privacy in the bathroom is key and a mix of slot windows and skylights guarantees this. By using slot windows and skylights, the bathroom gets plenty of light and ensures it is extremely difficult for any peeper to have any idea of what is going on in the bathroom.


Getting creative with the mirrors

There is no rule that states that mirrors should be plain. Plain and unframed glasses might serve their purpose but imagine using individual mirrors highlighted with lighting scones or framed mirrors. The goal here is comfort and privacy. Individual mirrors guarantee privacy while framed mirrors provide the comfort.

Design and maintenance

The design of a bathroom is directly linked to how well it is going to be maintained. Are the spaces easily accessible for cleaning? Are the materials sustainable? The design and maintenance are key to privacy because if the bathroom is poorly designed, it will be difficult to maintain. And once it becomes difficult to maintain, visitors won’t find it comfortable to use.

Getting it right with the measurements

Head space, door space, window, distance from the urinal and distance from the entrance. Is it also ADA complaint – the handicapped must be put into consideration. Will there be enough room for the visitor to open the door without banging the door on the toilet or without rubbing their cloth on the toilet seat. These are some factors to watch out for when considering a high-end commercial restroom. The partitioning has to be apt, yet comfortable

Quality of the materials

It’s not just about measurements. The type of material used for the bathroom is important. Bathroom partitions make the biggest impression when a visitor uses the bathroom. So it is important that the materials used for the partitions are of top quality and of course, provides comfort for the Visitor. You might want to check out any of the five options offered by One Point Partitions – Powder-coated steel, Plastic laminate, Phenolic core, Solid plastic and stainless steel. These materials provide different levels of cleanliness and durability.



If visitors are going to feel safe and comfortable in a bathroom, then wet floors should be out of it. A consistently wet bathroom means there is an issue with the drainage system of the bathroom or the automatic hand dryer is pushing the water to the floor. Visitors won’t feel comfortable knowing they can slip and get wounded in the bathroom. The bathroom should have multiple drainage systems to get rid of water fast. A proper ventilating system should also be in place to avoid all forms of bathroom accidents.

Multi choice amenities

The fact that hand dryers are environmentally friendly and have lower carbon footprint doesn’t mean every visitor wants to use the hand dryer. Some visitors might prefer the use of toilet papers since it is noiseless and has lesser chances of spreading germs. Also toilet papers don’t push the water to the floor. Providing visitors with both options increases the comfort of the bathroom. Also a simple artwork in some parts of the bathroom or on the partition is sure to increase the comfort level of the bathroom for visitors.

Using the right man for the right job.

Did you know that there are review sites dedicated strictly to bathroom reviews? Bathrooms are too crucial to be overlooked. There are many considerations to put in the place but one thing is certain. When using the bathroom, visitors put their five senses to use, they smell, they look around for the extra touches, and the designs. They want to be sure their visit to the bathroom is safe, hygienic, comfortable and private. What better way to meet their needs than to hire the best team for the best job. One Point Partitions remains one of the largest bathroom stall distributors in the country and are backed by an experienced factory that produces & delivers thousands of stalls year after year – be sure to give us a call today.

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