How Candles Improve Décor

When it comes to home décor, candles are underrated. Good quality candles serve as your lighting source and make your home smell like heaven. They also create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Regardless of the type of home décor you have, whether you prefer a contemporary look or a classic style, you can be assured that candles can complement your décor.

Whether you use scented candles from Living Scented or unscented ones, there are many ways in which candles can improve your home décor. Read below to know how candles improve home décor.

Add a More Luxurious Look

Add Softness and Color in Your Home

Elegant candle holders and candles on display add a luxurious look to your home. For instance, jar candles can add a bright point to your shelves, tables, or bathrooms. Jar candles may come in many shapes and look great even when they’re not lit.

Just make sure to choose candles in colors that match your home décor. Also, consider the season when choosing the shades of colors. For example, yellow and orange candles bring an autumn flair into your house while teal and coral candles add the perfect coastal touch that’s ideal for summer months.

Create a Warm Glow Inside Your Home

The flame’s glow can be comforting and creates a warm ambiance instantly. Whether you’re sharing a meal with your loved ones or relaxing in your bathtub, candles can provide a more romantic and relaxing atmosphere as compared to artificial lighting.
Create a Warm Glow Inside Your Home
The flickering of candlelight produces a beautiful atmosphere that can’t be replicated. If you want to create an intimate or cozy atmosphere, you can add a personalized touch by lighting candles in your home.

Serve as Accent Pieces

For spacious and big rooms, you can be assured that every corner or area is bright and well-lit if you place candles. For example, you can put tea lights in the holders to create brightness in such spaces. You may place the tea lights on ledges or in alcoves, or hang them at the corners of your window. They work as great accent pieces and such small details can make a huge difference to the style of your interior design.
Serve as Accent Pieces

Add Softness and Color in Your Home

When it comes to finishing touches, candles are the best option. You may pick candles with soft and subtle colors to add a beautiful feminine touch. If you want to create an impactful design, you may consider bold and bright colors. Candles are versatile and look good in any part of your home.

Candles Can Be Beautiful Centerpieces

If you think that your dining area and coffee table look bare, add jar candles or small ones that can improve your décor. Making candles as your centerpieces will surely make any mantelpiece, table, or fixtures stand out. Once lit, they produce sweet fragrances that can make you feel more relaxed.

Make Your Bare Spots More Gorgeous

If you’ve got many candles, you can create a clustered corner in the bare spots of your home. With this design, you can make the bare spots more pleasing to eyes and gorgeous at the same time. Just be creative in arranging different designs and sizes of candles you’ve purchased. Once you light them, you can be sure that your candle cluster will be an attractive feature of your house.

How to Incorporate Candles in Your Home Decoration

How to Incorporate Candles in Your Home Decoration
When planning to incorporate candles in your home decoration, you must choose the right and best candles first. Pick candles that suit every area in your home. For instance, for a bigger room, you need two or more scented candles for the light and fragrance to fill the space. You can place them near the entry point so that your guests get a hint of the glow and fragrance as soon as they’re inside your house.

When lighting candles, you don’t need to light the ones with the same scents, but you must get coordinating or complementing scents. If you prefer florals, you may pick a floral candle and a spicy one as such candles go well with floral scents.

When displaying candles, you should take note of the kind of scent profile you pick. Warmer scents are ideal in bedrooms and areas with smaller spaces. In kitchens, you can use a fresh and clean fragrance like lemon. Choosing unscented candles for your dining room may be a good idea if you don’t want the scent to interfere with the smell of the food you prepare.


Candles play a big role in making your home décor extra gorgeous while enhancing its serenity and calmness. They can also make your decoration look mystic and luxurious at the same time. That’s why you can never go wrong with making candles a part of your home décor. Just make sure to choose the right ones, combine various scents carefully, and place them at the right places to ensure maximum effect and safety.

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