Why Virtual Staging is a Must-Have for Real Estate Listings


Real Estate Listings

When people are buying a house, they are not just buying property, but also a future lifestyle. They want to see the full potential of a house. However, it’s hard for buyers to picture a life in a vacant property or listing photos without any home staging. To solve this problem, virtual staging is one of the most effective techniques to create a realistic virtual vision of a home. The benefits of virtual staging don’t just stop there. If you are wondering why virtual home staging is a must-have for selling a home, keep reading to find out!

Increasing home sales

Vacant homes are less likely to sell because buyers have a hard time imagining what their future home would look like. They are more attracted to real estate photos with well-renovated interiors, modern furniture, and interesting décor details. It not only showcases the potential of the house, but also helps them to visualize a future home. Oftentimes, what prompts the buyers to close the deal is that little extra touch.
Increasing home sales


Virtual staging is a great alternative to traditional staging which can cost thousands of dollars in buying or renting real furniture and decor. Not to mention, the time and energy needed to put in transportation, furniture rental and manual labour. Compared to actual home staging, virtual staging will save you more money and time. The cost of virtual staging is very affordable and it is usually a one-time fee per photo. All you need to do it quickly photograph a vacant house and have the photos virtually staged within 24 to 48 hours.

Easy to customize

Virtual staging provides flexibility to customize all kinds of interior styles and preferences. Your home can be designed into multiple different styles that you and your potential customers prefer, all within 24-48 hours. Once you have some ideas of the buyer demographic, you can have the house quickly virtually staged to buyer’s preferences. It not only helps you to target the potential buyers, but also makes your properties stand out in a competitive market.
Easy to customize

Providing a sense of dimension

It’s not easy to tell the actual size and shape of an empty room from a photo and usually it can make the room look smaller. You wouldn’t want a buyer to miss out your listing because of that. However, even when you provide a floor plan with clear dimensions, it is still hard for some buyers to visualize how the space could work for them. Virtual staging can fill the spaces with real scaled furniture, necessary accessories and more. It provides a clear layout of the space and a strong sense of dimension. It also helps buyers to picture themselves living and using the space.

Next time you have a home listing for sale, consider using a virtual staging service to enhance your listing. It will not only save you time, but 83% of staged homes sell for above-asking price.

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