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How App-Controlled Window Treatments Have Become a Necessity

How App-Controlled Window Treatments Have Become a Necessity

Choosing Alexa Smart Blinds

We all might have a specific mission in mind when decorating our homes. After all, why not line up your home and various shelves and furnish it the way you’ve always wanted? For that, you don’t necessarily need anything fancy, but just the right coordination and a refined taste to give it an aura of understated class.

Many people go for decorative pieces to occupy the empty spaces of your drawers, dressing tables, or dining tables. Some may look to paint a portion of the wall with a contrasting colour to steal the gaze of visitors. However, all of this is secondary — you’d rather be more concerned with making your home more secure and comfortable because that’s a priority.

This is where custom blinds and shades — such as Alexa Smart Blinds— come in. A window without an effective window treatment or none at all is too vulnerable — kind of an open invitation to potential intruders and at the mercy of extreme climates. In the summers, your home may trap heat and make the indoors very uncomfortable. In winters, you’d be relying on your fireplace or heater to warm your space, only to have the heat escape through the thin uncovered windows.

Need for Smart Shades

Need for Smart Shades

The era of motorized blinds, especially driven by the new wave of technology, has made lives easier and much more convenient for homeowners across the globe. There were different ways of operating them in the past. Until recently, we were using remote controlled bedroom curtains for opening and closing them. However, technology has taken a huge leap forward, and now we have newer apps and features with which we can control our shades to make our homes more secure and cozy than ever before.

Smart Shades Features

Smart Shades Features
With Alexa Smart Blinds, things have become much easier for us. Let us dedicate this section to finding the unique features of these blinds that will be beneficial to every home.

  • Voice Controlled: With Alexa Smart blinds, you can operate your shades without even lifting a finger! Alexa Smart Blinds can be adjusted to any percentage of openness by voice commands (this functionality can vary depending on the shades and hub). It has a unique mechanism by which it can identify the voice and follow its instructions.
  • More Than One Blind: When the app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can synchronize and adjust more than one blind in a home. All you need to do is add all the necessary information about the rooms and windows in the house. Thus, at a certain cost, you can manage all Alexa controlled blinds together by voice commands even if you are sitting in a different room. However, you need to check the range and frequency beforehand.
  • Scheduling: One of the reasons why their use has become so popular is the convenience they bring to the table. When we used to operate those cord-controlled blinds, we would have to go over to the window and close them when the sun shone bright or when it became chilly. Now, however, we can schedule them to close or open at different times of the day. So no need to get up in the early morning on a bright morning to open them. Set your timers you could enjoy your weekend sleep, just a tad more!
  • Sleek Style: In the absence of cords and a bulky design, most modern window treatments, whether blackout blinds or sheer ones, boast of a sleek appearance which is minimal yet highly effective. It lends the room a classic and sophisticated look. What’s more? They give you extra space to line up useful items of furniture next to the window as they take up minimum space themselves.
  • Energy Savings: One of the major benefits the smart hubs bring to the table is minimizing the energy usage. As they can be scheduled to be closed when the home is unoccupied or switched on only when necessary, they save on lots of unnecessary usage. Properly scheduled and mounted window treatments can also help keep your home at a comfortable temperature without relying on air conditioning or a heater.
  • Security: Even as motorized blinds save energy and can considerably bring down the electricity bills, they can alternatively also be used to provide security to the home when no one is inside. Give an impression that your place is occupied by setting the blinds to adjust when you are away.

Smart Shades
To sum up, app-controlled window treatments are a great choice for any home. Whether you have Venetian blinds, honeycomb shades, Roman blinds or roller blinds, they can all be controlled by a motorized setup when required.

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