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There is birth, there is death and in between, there is maintenance. Household maintenance is not defined by one aspect, rather several elements constitute this phenomenon. But to be brutally honest with you folks, this is a war that you cannot win without weapons. What weapons are those? Great to see that you are asking the right questions from the beginning! In simple words, weapons mean household accessories that make maintenance look easier than you think, and it is these that we talk about in detail in this discussion!

Multi-surface everyday cleaner

Before we discuss this product, you should know that all of the accessories we are about to discuss are very effective and super cheap! A dream combination, right? Anyhow, coming towards the question that needs to be answered, why do you need a multi-surface cleaner? The shortest answer would be to save time. A multi-surface cleaner can act as a disinfectant, detergent, and solvent, all at one time. Also, these make a perfect cleaning liquid for non-porous surfaces. Are you noting down what we are saying? Good, put down multi-surface everyday cleaners at number one on your list!

House cleaning product on wood table

Door stopper wall protectors

We care about your walls as much as your floors. So, what are door stopper wall protector? Why should you buy a product of this nature? Well, aren’t you tired of the loud bangs emanating from every room in your house every few seconds simply because someone decided to bang the door? Reasons for unexpected door banging are not the subject matter of this discussion, so we will skip these unpleasant details! But you can minimize the minor damages inflicted on your walls by the unwelcome door-banging? How you may ask? All that you have to do is stick a door stopper behind the doorknob, it will minimize the damage as well as minimize the noise of bangs as well. But make sure that the door knob wall protector you purchase is durable and easy to install. Don’t want to increase your burden, do we? Folks, at some point, you will need something to cover up the damage inflicted on your walls over the years, nothing better serves than this door stopper wall protector!

Scratch Fix Pens

How often does your cat scratch the hell out of your living room, just for fun? Leave your feline pet in the living room unsupervised, and from floor to sofa, everything will bear unmistakable scratch marks within the next thirty minutes. Getting rid of these scratch marks can be a bit of a struggle. But not if you are being clever about this. And the cleverest thing to do in such a situation is to use a scratch fix pen. How does this work? Well, the formula contains wood-stain rather than ink, hence the impression lasts for a longer time. How are you feeling after knowing that there IS a way to recover your scratched leather sofa?



It amazes us that there are still people out there, who are not familiar with the wonder that WD-40 is! Are you tired of squeaky doors? Do rusty hinges give you nightmares? Is an anti-corrosion agent is what you are after? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then please add WD-40 to your maintenance accessories list. In simpler words, WD-40 is essentially what repels dust and dirt when you apply a lubricant on a surface. Of course, there are other uses of WD-40 too, but its more pronounced role is in house maintenance.


Have you ever been irritated by a crack in a wall or a surface that you can’t fill despite all your efforts? If so, you might want to try a bit of putty. Works for all surfaces including metal, cement, and wood. The best bit about putty? Takes less than 15 minutes to fix your cracks! We would recommend you to buy some of this stuff on your next visit to the DIY maintenance shop in your town!


Well folks, time to wrap up this discussion. We are aware that now, you know the best maintenance tools in the business. Whether it is the cleaners or the doorknob wall protectors, you have all that can keep your home safe and secure! But using the right tool at the right time is the key to success, never forget that for more information click here.

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