How to Decorate Your House with Artificial Grass


Living room at the house

It is every homeowner’s dream to give their home an inviting, decent and attractive look. However, sometimes finding the right décor to match your needs can be overwhelming. How about utilizing some aspects of green grass to give your house a natural touch? This idea sounds fantastic, but then again, the thought of the high maintenance needed for grass causes a second thought. To save you the hassle of figuring out how to decorate your house using grass, we have this guide. It contains tips suggested by Tamigrass, an artificial turf distribution company in Chiang Mai, on the effective use of grass as a decor element. Let’s see how you can integrate artificial grass into your décor.


Small balcony in middle of apartment complex

Most people like it when their balconies have a touch of green. Therefore, your balcony is one of the ideal spots to use synthetic grass to give it an inviting and calm look. Given the little maintenance required for this grass, it is with no doubt, the perfect choice for your balcony floor makeover. Give your balcony a facelift using this synthetic grass.


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You can break the monotony of regular painted walls by introducing an aspect of synthetic grass. It helps create accent walls that give more for the eyes to behold. Its texture and design also add to its suitability for use on walls. When combined with the right paint, furniture and fixtures, it gives a unique visual stimulation to your home’s interior designs.

Area Rug

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Add a unique sense of décor to your floors with this synthetic grass. It gives a classy look when used as an area rug on wooden floors. Additionally, it adds a pop of colour and gives the room a natural feel.

Sleeping Quarters or Bedroom Floors

Bedroom with lounge

Walking on cold hard floors as you head to your bed or the first thing after waking up from your peaceful sleep is not so pleasing. You can use synthetic turf on your sleeping area to add a touch of warmth. Steeping on the soft turf as you step out of bed gives you more psyche to face the day ahead. Create a relaxing ambience in your bedroom using this synthetic grass.


Interior of the bathroom with grass floor 3D rendering

Does having grass in the bathroom sound unusual? Well, if you are a nature lover, you may consider integrating some synthetic artificial turf in your bathroom area, especially on the walls. It breaks the monotony of the bathroom wall paints and gives a natural and lively feeling.



In most cases, getting the right décor for your lounge area can be daunting. However, with synthetic grass, you can give your lounge a cool, inviting and eye-catching look. You can run it along the sides of the lounge or place it at the centre, whichever way seems pleasing to you. It also helps keep the lounge area warm.


If you want a classy and modern touch on your décor, synthetic grass is your ideal option. With little or no maintenance required and if properly installed, it can last for years. Give your house a unique touch of décor by adding a natural feel using the above décor tips. Also, don’t forget to check out artificial grass for sale from Tamigrass on Shopee and Lazada for your next home decor project.

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