Homeowners Guide To Securing Keys And Property In The Bronx

When in the Bronx, or anywhere in the world, security should be one of the most important considerations to make. Seeing as the security of your home, its inhabitants and properties rest in your hands, you may need to work with a locksmith Bronx to ensure that your home is adequately fortified against unauthorized access or burglars.

One thing, however, remains certain, security isn’t only in the installation of locks or alarm systems, it also has to do with your mindset. Having the most sophisticated security system is useless when you are careless with your keys or you are nonchalant about activating the system when you are out of the home.

To help you get started, we have put together some of the major errors property owners make.

5 Common Places You Should Never Hide Your Keys

Common Places You Should Never Hide Your Keys

Below are some of the five common places homeowners hide their keys that may compromise the security of their home and its inhabitants.

  • Under the Doormat

This is one of the most common places where homeowners feel their keys are secure. While doormats are a traditional place to store keys, it also allows unauthorized persons access to your home as they can pick up the key and help themselves to your valuables or make a copy of the key for subsequent use. Choosing to keep your main or spare key under the doormat is more like dangling your keys in front of strangers and inviting them into your property.

It is recommended that you should take more active steps to protect your valuables by choosing a better storage location for the keys.

  • Beneath a Rock

When the first option of keeping keys under the doormat looks too traditional or predictable, some homeowners may choose the next best available option, under a rock close to the home’s entrance. Being a common occurrence in the home security world, a burglar who has the time would search these areas and could easily gain access to your keys and by extension to your home. Keeping your keys under a rock that is close by the entrance is not a safe way to secure the locks and by extension your property. It is recommended that you get creative with the idea of key storage to avoid regrets.

  • Beneath Flower Pots

Flower pots are in the top 5 of the common places homeowners keep their home keys. These places do not really add to the security of the home, but instead, compromise it. Keeping your keys under a flower pot is almost as good as keeping it under the doormat and both options aren’t good for anything. Be proactive about your home’s security.

  • Top of the Doorway

Another common place to not hide your home key is on top of the doorway. Hiding your key on top of the doorway makes it accessible to just about anybody, even a stalker. Imagine coming home from the day’s hard work and you find someone completely strange in your apartment. Someone who has let himself or herself in through the key that you stored away on top of the doorway.

  • Inside Your Wallet

Your wallet might be a precious accessory that handles all your important cards, cash and others. But a key should never find its way into your wallet. There are several reasons why you should not keep your keys in your wallet and one of those reasons is to avoid home lockout especially in the case where you lost your wallet.

You don’t want to be stranded twice over, losing your valuables and also losing access to your home. Also, keeping your keys in your wallet is an invitation to any criminal that comes across the wallet to visit your home.

Steps to Take If Your Home Has Been Burgled

Burglar trying to pry open window on house
If perchance, your home has been burgled either as a result of poor key handling and storage practices or for other reasons, there is a need to know the steps to take immediately after this development has been discovered. Below are some tips you should be aware of.

1. Call The Police

Once you notice that your home has been burgled, call the police to have the authorities access the damage, file a report and begin an investigation into the burglary. Remember, the sooner you reach out to the police, the better.

2. Avoid Tampering With The Scene

Emotions may run high in the aftermath of the burglary but it is recommended that you should stay away from the scene. This is because certain evidence may be present at the scene that may lead to the capture of the perpetrators and you don’t want to be the person to taint the evidence thereby lowering the chances of catching the culprits.

3. Remember Your Safety

Safety is of utmost importance, be sure to keep yourself and loved ones safe while awaiting the police’s arrival.

4. Record The Important Details

As part of the investigation, you will be required to recall some important details like anything you noticed leading up to the event, items that were carted away, time of discovery and others. Be sure to put down any information you may have remembered before the police arrive. This can help the investigation.

5. Improve Your Home Security

To prevent future recurrence, it is recommended that you work with a locksmith Bronx to ensure that your home is adequately fortified. Also, seek security advice from professional locksmith Bronx on the best security practices.

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