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Home Security Tips, Crime Prevention and Home Safety

Home Security Tips, Crime Prevention and Home Safety

Your home is your castle. It is the place where you can relax and unwind after a hard day at work. But the peace and tranquility of your home can be shattered if you are ever broken into.

Suddenly your home will no longer feel like your own; you certainly won’t be able to relax there. That is why it is important to put these home security and crime prevention tips into action today; to reduce the chance of this happening to you.

Get An Alarm System

Have you ever heard a house alarm go off and paid no attention to it? You’re not alone, only 3% of people say that they would call the police if they hear one.

Alarm System

But, the intruder doesn’t know this. They don’t want to be seen or caught. If you have a good alarm supplied and fitted by electrical security services then you are likely to deter them fro trying.

Don’t attempt to fit a fake alarm; intruders almost always know the difference:


It has been said enough times before that you should keep your valuables out of sight. This is true, don’t leave valuable laptops in view of your windows and don’t leave valuable items in your yard. This is simply inviting someone to take it.

Be Alert

When you live in a neighborhood you can all look out for each other. If you see something suspicious you should note it or report it; depending on what the activity is.

It is also important to verify the identity of any person that comes to your door. Don’t let them into your home unless you are certain they are who they say they are.

Use Your Locks

A professional intruder can get through most locks, but it takes time. This will generally deter them from trying unless they are after something specific.

Use Your Home Locks

Use your locks and deadbolts when inside your home.

But most importantly you should make sure your windows are also locked and secured; these are much easier to get through than a door.

Keep It Clear

An intruder needs to work undetected. If you have overgrown hedges that can shield them from sight while they work on accessing your property they will be able to stay for longer.

Don’t give them this luxury! Keep your yard tidy and minimize or eliminate places where they could hide, especially near the doors and windows.


Intruders don’t want to be seen. This means it is a great idea to have sensors outside your property linked to floodlights. You’ll have to set them so that they wake you and not your neighbors. Preferably they should not be set off by small animals.

home security Lighting

The real trick when using light sensors is to have several different ones installed. That way if an intruder thinks they have deactivated them there is a good chance they haven’t deactivated all of them.

Something as simple as being vigilant can make the difference between preventing a crime and being a victim of one.

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