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Home Repairs Guide: 7 Great Hacks & Tips

Home Repairs Guide: 7 Great Hacks & Tips

We are not all home improvement experts. If you are, go and read something else, as this will be of no use to you. But for the rest of us, we could always use a little help, be it advice or professional help. Unless you are flush with cash, you don’t want to be calling for an expert for every problem. Life hacks and tips for the home can make all the difference and save you a fortune. Here are seven great tips and hacks for every homeowner.

Simple Electronics

We should be careful around electricity; this needs to be something we are all aware of, don’t do it if you are unsure about its safety. If at all in doubt, you can turn off the electricity for the house, or parts of it, at your circuit breaker board. There are a few simple tasks that we can achieve ourselves, such as rewiring a plug or light socket. 

Giving Old Carpets New Life

It’s amazing how many people never consider cleaning their carpets. Vacuuming is one thing, but it only touches the surface of the problem, literally. We should look to shampoo our carpets at least once a year, and more if they are subject to high foot traffic. Most of us don’t own a carpet cleaning machine, and although you can purchase budget ones for domestic use, it is a better idea to hire a more powerful machine, for the few times you will use it. 

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Replace Upholstery

Many furniture items will inevitably begin to look old and tired once you’ve had them for several years. Fabric covers will become grubby and dull, you might clean them down or remove covers and have them washed. Eventually, you will want to think about having them reupholstered. This can be done by a professional, and they do charge a reasonable amount. But, you will get a professional finish indistinguishable from the original coverings. Even with your outdoor furniture, you can source canopy replacement covers and other fabrics.

Leaks & Seals.

Never neglect leaks or broken seals in areas of the house where water is in use. Ignoring a break in the seal around a shower or bath can cause more issues than losing a little water. If you get even a trickle of water regularly seep into the flooring and ceiling, it can cause rot, and this damage could eventually result in an expensive repair bill. Even for those who are not handy, seals can be repaired or replaced using easy to apply tapes rather than the more traditional caulking material. If any of your issues are part of an electrical shower itself, please do not attempt repairs personally and call an engineer.

Blocked Toilets & Easy Plumbing

Again, like electrical work, if the situation is a proper emergency please call a professional plumber. But for small issues, it is possible to sort them out without the need to go to that expense. There are a few simple tricks to try with a blocked toilet. The simplest thing to try which doesn’t involve any chemicals is to use a plunger, this creates a vacuum behind the blockage and the pressure should hopefully force it clear. For tougher blockages, there are plenty of liquids and drain bombs on the market that should clear up all but the worst problems. If the blockage is severe or is further back in the system, then a professional plumber may be your only option.

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Broken Glass

Broken glass is a real pain, especially if you have younger kids in the house. The first thing to do is make the area clear of little people. Then pick up the large pieces and then vacuum up the smaller pieces. Unfortunately, this won’t get everything, a good hack for this is to use a soft piece of bread, press it in and it will pick up any tiny shards. Another food-based hack is to use a potato to remove a broken lightbulb from its socket.

Timber & Floors

There is a lot of maintenance that can be done with timber and flooring. Much of it is merely time-consuming rather than difficult. Tasks involve repainting doors and skirting boards or sanding down areas. One great trick is using baby powder to fix a squeaky floorboard. If you feel bolder even tasks such as hanging a door are not as intimidating as they once were, most timber work can be bought pre-made, such as doors and even outdoor sheds.

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