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Home Improvement Ideas Colorado Residents Are Investing In

Home Improvement Ideas Colorado Residents Are Investing In

Most of us want our homes to look welcoming and to stand as a symbol not only of our success but also of ourselves. According to Psychologist and author Sam Gosling, we use our possessions to tell the world who we are. He says that when we can convince the world that we are who we think we are, we are happier and more productive.

Whether you’re looking to increase your Colorado house’s resale value or are merely looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal to impress those noisy neighbors—here are six ideas to improve your home.

1. Roof Repair

Whether you’re in the market for a completely new roof or you’re looking for a roofing company to take care of storm damage your roof may have recently acquired, searching the key phrase “residential roofing Denver” is a great way to find a specialist in the Denver area.

Metro City Roofing takes care of both commercial roofing and residential roofing needs in the Denver area while providing unique and excellent customer service! What makes their customer satisfaction above and beyond? Unlike some other roofing companies, this particular roofing company also specializes in insurance claims meaning that they will do all of the grunt work when it comes to handling the issues of getting your insurance claims covered through your insurance company for any storm damage that may have occurred.
Roof Repair

Not only do they handle your insurance company for you, but they’re equipped to handle any roofing project you desire. From flat roofs to storm damage repair to multiple kinds of roofing materials, this roofing company has all types of roofs for your residential roofing needs. Whether it’s a complete roof replacement or just upkeep services, for a great job on your next roofing project, check out this roofing contractor listed in the Better Business Bureau.

2. Pet Waste Removal

Keeping your pet’s waste cleaned up in your yard and house is not only courteous to others but keeping animal waste cleaned up can be beneficial to your health. Not only do pets offer many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, increasing levels of oxytocin (the “happy” chemical), and encouraging physical activity; but keeping your animals waste cleaned up can prevent you from getting sick from parasites and bacteria that can be present in dog and cat feces, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s not a good “look”.

3. A Cleaning Checklist

Keeping your home clean and tidy is not only good for curb appeal but according to an article in Psychology Today from 2016, one study actually showed that people that live in clean houses are healthier than people who do not.

Here are some cleaning tasks that are often overlooked to check off your list:

  • Give your BBQ a deep clean before using it regularly this season
  • Clean the lights (indoor and outdoor)
  • Wash windows (indoor and outdoor)
  • Clean the gutters

4. Tree-Trimming

Not only does trimming your trees make your yard look tidier, but you can clean up your yard by directing the growth of your branches so that they do not make such a mess in the fall.

5. Temperature Control

According to Energy Star, your ceiling fan should turn in the counterclockwise position in the warm months producing a “wind chill” effect to keep the house cooler whereas it should be spinning clockwise on low in the cold months to force warm air by the ceiling into open space keeping the house warmer. Doing this and making sure all your weatherstripping has been replaced recently will do a great job at saving energy (and saving you money) while keeping your Colorado home comfortable all year long!

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