5 Tips to Finding Reputable HVAC Professionals in My Area


Reputable HVAC Professionals

Do you want a new AC installed, is your AC acting up or you want the annual maintenance done? Then it would be best if you had an HVAC professional.

Why an HVAC professional, you may ask. Why can’t you do it yourself?

A professional understands the different types of HVACs. They can recommend the best air conditioning system for your premises, quickly identify any problem and repair it.

Here comes the problem. With the many HVAC professionals, how do you find the reputable ones in your area?

Use these five tips to help you find a reputable HVAC company near you.

1. Ask For Referrals

The easiest way to find reputable HVAC professionals is to ask for referrals. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues and social media contacts and ask them to recommend contractors they have worked with, or they know. For example, a colleague may have recently installed the AC system or had it repaired. Who did it?

Collect as many referrals as you can get. Ask relevant questions such as: Is the AC running correctly after the installation or repair? Did the contractor have excellent customer service? Did they test the system after installation? Did they have certification?
Ask For Referrals
Find out all you can about them.

2. Research online

If the referrals did not bear fruits, you could search online. Also, you could want to add on to the references.
Any serious HVAC professional should have an online presence. A simple online search of an air conditioning company near you can give you many results. Now it is up to you to choose the suitable one.

Also, you can check the reputation of your referrals and of the companies you have researched. Check the reviews given by other customers. Were they satisfied with the services? What is the rating?

Check customer reviews and complaints.

There are sites such as Yelp that are dedicated to giving customers reviews. Check Google and Facebook for ratings to learn more. The company with a high rating is better. Sites such as the Better Business Bureau also provide customer ratings.
Be careful and don’t fall for fake reviews. One thing to look for in a fake review is that they often include positive remarks without going into details.

Narrow down your options by creating an HVAC company list based on criteria that you have determined your ability to work with them strictly on the basis of their reputation. Then check for licensing and certifications that are pertinent to the job.

3. Check for Licensing

A reputable HVAC professional must have the required licensing. Most states have this as a legal requirement. To get the license, the contractor must have the necessary training and experience. Check if the air conditioning professional has the required licensing.
Check for Licensing

4. Ask For Technicians’ Certification

An HVAC is a complicated piece of equipment. Therefore, it means that a technician needs to be trained and certified in areas such as air balance and refrigerant.

A reputable HVAC professional should only have certified technicians who are trained in handling refrigerants. They should know how to test and balance installations to ensure efficiency. Also, they should be trained about top brands.

Remember, the quality of your installation or repair will be as good as the knowledge of the technician doing it. Therefore, you should find a way to ask if the technicians are certified. The system is expensive; you wouldn’t want someone not knowledgeable to mess with it.

The technicians should also be insured, bonded, tested for drugs and have their background checked. You don’t want a criminal coming to your home or uninsured technician damaging part of your property during installation.

5. Has It Performed Home Evaluation

A reputable HVAC professional must conduct a home evaluation. This way, they will know and recommend the best solution.
There are many types of air conditioning systems, and the one you should install is one that fits the premises, and that meets the needs of your home.

A reputable contractor should request to perform a premises evaluation. This way, they will know the square footage, the number of windows, evaluate the home insulation and check the duct system. After the evaluation, the technician can recommend the type and size of the AC that can meet the needs of the home.
Has It Performed Home Evaluation
After the evaluation, that is when the contractor should give you an estimated cost. The HVAC professional should explain all the charges before the installation or repair starts. You don’t want surprise charges when the work is halfway.

Now that you have several proposals from various contractors, you can choose the best.

Do not choose the contractor based on price alone. Check other factors such as the rating, energy efficiency of the proposed AC, and warranties. Does the contractor recommend efficient equipment such as the Energy Star-rated models? Check those that have offers and rebates to save on the high cost.

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