6 Reasons to Opt for Permeable Pavement System for Your Home Outdoors


Permeable Pavement System for Your Home Outdoors

Outdoors at your house is a vital component of your house and is often a point of attraction for guests and visitors. It is a place where you can spend quality time with your family or enjoy yourself with your friends. While designing your outdoors, an important consideration is about paving. If you wish to have something that looks good, is durable and environment-friendly, permeable pavers are ideal for you. This paving option is gaining popularity in the present time and is being used for lawn parking, permanent parking, driveways, etc. You can look for permeable pavers cost in the local market or online. It serves as a great alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt surfaces. It has numerous properties that make it a preferred choice for the masses.

Easy to install

Unlike concrete and asphalt surfaces, permeable paving is easy to install. You do not need any special equipment. The area to be covered is cleared and a rock layer is installed as a base. Pallet-sized light-weight grid is laid out over it and filled with limestone or gravel. The whole process can be easily handled by a single person and a large area can be covered in much less time.
Easy to install


Once you fill in the grid, permeable paving is strong and long-lasting. Its strength is similar to conventional concrete paving and can accommodate loads of vehicles and equipment. As this surface is floating in nature, it can withstand even the weight of 18 wheelers. The joints in the permeable paving are flexible and allow the surface to adjust as the soil underneath is compressed or expands. This increases its durability multiple times.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

The permeable paving is made of eco-friendly material and needs a lesser amount of energy in the formation. These can be recycled and minimize carbon footprints. The gravel base used in this paving is an excellent filter for many pollutants. It can absorb these harmful substances from the surface or rainwater before letting it seep in the soil. Pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorus, oil, etc are impeded from entering the soil.

Cost-effective paving

Conventional paving options like concrete and asphalt are expensive. These also require intensive labor for installation that adds to the overall cost. On the other hand, permeable paving is less expensive and needs less labor. The filling material and natural looking wood sealer for the outdoors is readily available in all local markets and need not be transported. Even if you have to transport the grid, its lightweight makes for cheaper freight.
Cost-effective paving

Do not require additional drainage

An amazing property of permeable paving is that it can naturally absorb surface water. This makes it highly useful in the event of heavy rains and floods. This eliminates the need for additional drainage to get rid of the water and saves a lot of money. Water on the surface is absorbed in the ground and naturally replenishes aquifers in that area.

Versatile and aesthetic option

Permeable pavings are both practical and aesthetic. These look great and blend with all sorts of outdoor landscapes seamlessly. These are also versatile and can be used to make permanent parking, driveways, lawn parking, etc. You can also remove and reuse the paving according to your requirements.

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