Home Decor Tips You Should Know Before Moving to California

Planning on moving to California? Waiting for the long-awaited sun and timeless Hollywood class? Want some tips to get the best possible décor which is timeless in California? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Know the décor style you want to go before even hiring movers in Sacramento.

On warm, sunny, northern California days, it’s commonplace to wish for a day at the beach. IF you’re lucky enough to already own a beach property, then you probably don’t need much decoration to make it look the part. However, like most of us, you don’t need a beach property to enjoy the beautiful beach on a beautiful sunny day.

Tip #1 – Keep the Palette light

It’s normal for people to flock the beaches; mainly because of the mellow, chill vibes, light soothing sounds of the crashing waves and that undying color palette you see at the beach. It’s very easy to carry that whole theme back to your home.

Palette light

For people who want that beach vibe at their own home, keeping the palette light is a great way of bringing the beach to your inland property.
Keep the décor and furnishings cream color, white along with touches of light (sky-ish) blue, turquoise, and milk color. Mimic the sandy shores and bring the Pacific coast to your home.

Tip #2 – Be Bold with your Décor

Completely ignoring the previous tip, you can go to the completely opposite spectrum for décor; be bold with your color palette. You’ll find that bright, popping and mismatched colors in beach communities are commonplace (and they look pretty gnarly!)

bold with your color palette

People who live by the shore have very chill and laid back lives, and mixing and matching bold colors are is a very timeless and quite soothing for people. It’s quirky, fun and exciting.

Being bold with your palette choice is not only a way of bringing a sense of liveliness to your home, but vibrancy, contrasting hues and making certain surfaces more prominent than other is a great way of bringing excitement to your décor.

You can have a lot of fun with colors! If you’re not the type to splash neon paint on your wall and call it a night, you can also have a lot of fun with throw pillows, figurines, tidbits, etc.

Tip # 3 – She sells seashells by the sea shore

Make your home feel like a beach. It doesn’t really mean you need to throw in the sand or have water everywhere, it means to make space more, well, beach like? Well, it’s easily doable with sea creatures; mainly, shells.

Beach Style Decor

Accessorize your home with tons of different sea creatures that include shells, glass bottles, some dried starfish, maybe even some washed up wood? Whatever the case may be, whatever you do end up trying, this is an amazing way to bring the beach to your home, quite literally in some cases.

Tip #4 –Your Beach Vibe isn’t complete without nautical accessories

Seeking a beach house from the beach doesn’t invariably demand turquoise blues. Will you want to try another blue? Dark blue is the quintessential color for nautically themed areas, another design path to create the waterfront atmosphere in your house. White and dark blue furniture with piping or rope detailing, as well as rope and twine based mostly accessories, plus some sailboat figurines can lead to the perfect lakeside break free even if you are fifty miles inland in most cases.

Beach Style nautical accessories Decor

With real estate prices hiking up, and properties everywhere, especially the ones that are close to bodies of water. While not all of us can afford a beach property, using the tips above, you can have something which is the closest to a Beach home. If adding accessorize does not convert your home into the beachfront property you want, perhaps going for architectural changes in your home as a way of changing your inland home into a water-front property may be considered.

A glass is an ideal choice for creating a tranquil and peaceful place with a very mellow and chill vibe. Colored glass, tiles, is also a way of making your home a beach-front property inland.

Tip #5 – A Spanish Colonial touch to your house

During the Spanish settlement of west coast of California throughout the Southwest, the design for homes changed significantly. Designs share common elements like:

Spanish Colonial touch house

  • Low-pitched and extended over covered porches
  • Arched Colonnades
  • Rooms do not open into one another
  • A common courtyard

Decorating your house like a typical Spanish house may be a very great way to keep the Californian vibe and make your house feel, and look the part.

At the end of the day, moving to California may be a stressful task; however, there are just so many ways you can make your upcoming and future home fit the part and be like the locals in no time.

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