Helpful Tips When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Are you trying to remodel your bathroom? Here are some essential tips:

Experiment With Different Colors

It’s pretty common for bathrooms to be white because this color creates an impression that the space is large and clean. But, you can always try other palettes and tones. Experiment with different combinations that’ll highlight your individuality and make the area look more attractive.

Here are a few color combinations:

  • Blue + Yellow – This color scheme takes inspiration from a beach scene. You can paint your walls light blue to represent the sky. Then, install ultramarine tiles to make it look like the sea. Finally, drape yellow shower curtains to complete the theme.
  • Brown + Cream – If you want a vintage and rustic vibe for your bathroom, use this neutral theme. You can paint the whole area light brown. Then, install a cream-colored vanity, sink, tub, and tiles.
  • Pink + Gray – This color scheme is perfect if you want to try a unique design. Paint your walls and ceilings with different shades of gray. Then, use pink along the borders as a complementary color. It’s a playful combination that looks quite attractive when done properly.

Experiment With Different Colors

Try Various Flooring Options

There are different options available for bathroom floors. One of the most common choices is marble. It comes in various shades and colors and has natural veiny patterns on its surface, making it attractive. Also, it’s durable, so it won’t get scratched or dented easily. The downside, though, is it’s quite expensive.

If you want a more affordable choice, try granite tiles. They’re famous for their glossy appearance. They have an incredibly smooth surface, so it’s easy to get rid of stains, dirt, and other blemishes. This material is quite durable, too. It can last for many years, even with minimal maintenance.

Other bathroom flooring options include:

  • Mosaic – Famous for their size, they’re easy to install and fit even in tiny spaces, like behind the toilet or around the tub. Mosaic tiles can also be used to create various images on the floor.
  • Terracotta – These are timeless flooring options. They’re known for their reddish-orange appearance and extreme durability. Their surfaces won’t easily get scratched, cracked, or dented.
  • Vinyl – Among the most affordable options, this synthetic material comes in different sizes and colors. The downside is it’s not durable. It can peel off the floor when exposed to moisture and heat.

Try Various Flooring Options

Install Space-Saving Features

Save a lot of bathroom space by installing some features that serve more than one function. For example, a tub shower combo is perfect if you have a small floor area. Even better, you could get a jet tub shower combo. You can also purchase a vanity that has drawers where you can place your toiletries.

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