Heaven Is a Garden: 5 of the Most Fragrant Flowers to Add to Your Garden

Did you know that gardening can help you fight stress and it can improve your life? If you love gardening or are thinking about picking up the habit, you are going to love this article. We are going to share the most fragrant flowers you can put in your garden to make you smile every time you take in a deep breath while you are outside.

Keep reading to make sure you do not miss out on these lovely flowers.

1. Lavender

If you love lavender essential oils then planting lavender plants in your garden only makes sense. These flowers are a taller bloom that gives out a smell that you won’t forget and will immediately make you feel relaxed. If you decide to plant lavender these are perfect along walkways.

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to make these look great with everything else in your garden you can call in the pros like Cherry Oak Landscaping to give you their professional advice. Make sure that you plant your lavender in an area with plenty of sun and make sure there is well-drained soil.

2. Sweet Alyssum

These stunning flowers look beautiful cascading from window boxes, hanging baskets, or containers and smell as great as they look. These can also be used to cover the entire ground of a garden or any gaps in between other flowers.

3. Rose

Who doesn’t love to smell a rose? There is a reason these flowers are typically used for bouquets. They don’t only look beautiful they smell amazing. When you are shopping for roses to add to your garden make sure you check that they are scented.
Some roses are more scented than others because they have been bred more for fragrance than form.

4. Peony

These flowers smell so good there are plenty of fragrances in the market made with peony or to imitate the peony fragrance. There is nothing like having this smell like there is in real life. These flowers grow best in full sun and you want to make sure you do not plant them too deep because then they won’t bloom.

5. Sweet Pea

This is another flower that has plenty of lotions and perfumes imitating the scent because it smells so good. These fragrant flowers grow as tall vines that have flowers appearing in almost every shade you can think of.
Sweet Pea
There are some sweet pea flowers that do not have much of a scent so make sure to read the plant description before buying it.

Which of These Fragrant Flowers Will You Add to Your Garden?

Now that you have our top list of the most fragrant flowers to add to your garden you can choose the ones you want. You can choose one, some or all on this list and make an exquisite smelling wonderland for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Did you love our article? Please come back soon for more great reads!

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