Happy Home Office – 6 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

Whether you telecommute every day or you only use your home office for paying bills and the like, this space should be a comfortable one that’s conducive to work and productivity. After all, it’s hard to get anything done if you aren’t in the right frame of mind. To help you find your productivity happy space, here are six tips for making any home office more comfortable:

1. Personalize It

Working in the office might mean a less personal, more professional look and feel, but since you’re working from home, you can personalize the space as much or as little as you please. Try adding an essential oil diffuser with your favorite scent, some personal pictures that remind you of happy times, and anything else that brings you joy. Got a collection of troll dolls you love? Put them around your home office to brighten your day. It’s your space, so make it so – just avoid adding too much as clutter can make you feel stressed and anxious.

2. Get Yourself a Comfy Chair

Don’t think you can skimp on this important piece of office furniture. Bringing in a chair from another room or buying something cheap to save a buck or two can result in real health issues. Be sure to choose an ergonomic work chair that cushions and supports your body in all the right places, so you can work in complete comfort and style.

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3. Pay Attention to the Lighting

Lighting is something many people don’t think twice about when it comes to a home office. They think a single desk lamp is enough when in reality, you need plenty of bright (not blinding) light to keep you motivated and focused. If your home office has windows, throw back the curtains and let the sunshine in. If it doesn’t, overhead lights and strategically placed lamps can provide the light a gloomy office needs to promote productivity and focus.

4. Keep the Space Tidy

A tidy room is a happy one. Your home office has limited space, so don’t fill it with things that aren’t necessary. This is especially true if your office is on the small side. At the end of the workday, take a few moments to put things away and organize your documents and supplies. Don’t skip this important step as your next day’s work depends on it.

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5. Set the Temperature to Suit

Since you’re the only one using the room, there’s no reason the temperature shouldn’t be set to suit you. If you have central air that can’t be adjusted for the room itself, get yourself a fan, window AC, or portable heater to adjust the temperature inside the room to your preference.

6. Use Your Home Office as a Home Office – Nothing Else

This tip not only ensures your comfort while working but also enhances productivity and encourages a good work/life balance. Keeping this room as a single-use room will help you keep it tidy and allow you to close the door on work when the day or week is through. The latter is especially important if you work from home every day as you need that separation between work and personal life to be happy. 

Whether you pay bills out of your home office or work from home every day, the room should be a comfortable space. Follow the tips above to make your home office more comfortable. 

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