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Guide to Different Countertop Materials Used in Homes

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen cabinets or bathroom? Before selecting the best countertop for your remodeling session, you should always be open to every possible option. Choosing an accurate countertop is difficult but is a crucial decision to be taken for kitchen or bathroom design. It is an investment you wish to cover for a more extended period. Your sense of style and how you live reflect your countertop designs. Hence you need to make a pragmatic selection. 

Whether you have a fashionable home, a modern kitchen, or an antique-styled bathroom, you must select your countertop materials carefully. Here is a list of different materials that can help make a hard-core decision. 


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Recent years have seen a prominent rise in using marble as a material for countertops. It is considered the best in terms of new development and aesthetics. The natural stone elevates the modern element of the kitchen and gives it a clean and contemporary feel. Nothing can replace a white marble finish. Still, the material includes a variety of color choices – shades of taupe, brown, grey, and green. Marble is usually softer than other stones, so you need to be extra careful while handling it. Temporary spills quickly take the shape of permanent stains in marble. With improvements, marble is becoming more durable. One of the unique features of marble is that it maintains a very low temperature. It is one of the most affordable so that you can think about it. 


Granite is the most standard natural stone used as a countertop material for years. The constant favorite is durability, availability, versatility, affordability, etc. The stone also covers vagrant color schemes. It comes in dark and light shades, along with variations. Granite can be easily cut with edgy surfaces, one of the unique features of the stone.  Countertops made with granite are easy to maintain but avoid harsh cleaning products. Use soap and water to clean the granite surface. The best thing about the stone is that it is heat resistant, making it perfect for kitchen use. 

Solid Surface

It is a middle-tier selection option for many. A solid surface is made of acrylic and resin. The surface is seamlessly available with numerous styles and designs. Ceramics and porcelain can be accompanied by solid surfaces as well. You can consider Caesarstone Pebbles Collection for acquiring the best styles with the slightest damage possibility and stain resistance. Don’t forget to have trivets already on your hand because these materials are not heat resistant. 


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Talking about the 70s and 80s, nobody knew anything except tiled countertops. However, they have started making a comeback with even better versions today. If you have a thing for DIY and are budget-conscious, tiles are the thing for you. Tiles are available in several shapes and sizes, from square to hexagon to subway styles. They are also available in distinct materials such as porcelain, ceramics, and stones. The overall durability and maintenance of tiles depend on you, but cleaning the grout lines accumulated in the tiles can be challenging. You can consider a darker-colored tile if your kitchen slab gets dirty often. 


Laminate countertops were most famous during the 80s and 90s. The laminate countertops structured today are slightly different from the dated ones. The newer ones tend to give a more fashionable look similar to wood or stone at an affordable cost. The material is non-porous and does not absorb any bacteria. Laminates are easy to clean with soap and water. It does not require resealing or additional efforts to keep it clean. However, keep a trivet, as laminates are not heat-resistant. Laminates are ideal for small spaces like rented kitchens or guesthouses. 


Think about cooking: do you require a natural stone or a ceramic? When it comes to washing basins, do you need a traditional countertop, or a fashionable one would serve you better? These are some of the questions you usually ask when it comes to selecting the best countertop material for your home. However, the answer is simple. Hunt for some materials, list them down, and study their pros and cons. Select a suitable material depending on your preferences and needs. 

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