Green & Vintage Interior Design Home Of Creative Duo

French Style Green & Vintage Interior Design Home in Belgium

We go to the side of Belgium to discover the magnificent green & vintage interior design home of a couple living in a city Antwerp. They live both in a house in the heart of the city, with large openings to the outside. And then living in Antwerp this must be top! Since the time I hear of this city. Many creative people, nice shops, entertainment but nevertheless some peace.

If we were to describe this Interior, I would say that it is rather vintage, there is a bit of Ikea here and there but also a lot of furniture from the 1960s. Many come from the family of the owners and have a history they cherish. I love the little plants corner, the beautiful brightness, the lego R2D2 and the geek touch of this House. Finally, I totally crack for this wall of frames and shelves in the garden.

Photography © By Kimberley Dhollander
Graphic Design By Philippe Corthout

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Vintage Interior Design Home Of Creative Duo

Green Outdoor Living Space

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