Great Tools to Have When Working With Wood

Working with wood but don’t know what tools you need to get started? Well, regardless of your level of knowledge and experience with woodworking, you will need a traditional tool kit that will help you with the basics like cutting. Just go through this it will help you for sure in such things.

The tools you will need may also vary depending on your woodworking project. If you want to try what professionals do with wood, you may employ strategies like using a biscuit joiner. But, if you’re still improving your skills, you can do the simple woodworking projects first.

Some of the essential tools that you will need when working with wood include the following:

1. Japanese Saw

With a Japanese saw, you can make exact and smarter cuts. The difference of a Japanese saw from a European saw has to do with the direction of the teeth. European saws basically cut when pushing the saw in opposite directions, while Japanese saws cut when pulled. No matter what type of woodworking shop you are building, a Japanese saw may come in handy.
Japanese Saw

2. Chisel

This is a prominent tool when it comes to woodworking. Through the sharp cutting edges of chisels, making small or big sections on the wood can be done easily. Chisels can actually form the likes of shavings and mortises, the reason why they’re utterly helpful when carving wood.

3. Block Plane

It is a small tool that woodworkers can use single-handedly. The size of the block plane proves to be efficient when working with a hand plane. With this tool, the blade is basically attached at an angle that is lower than other planes. The block plane’s level is placed upwards.

Block planes are usually used in planning the grains and the edges of wood.

4. Goggles, Face Mask, and Other Safety Tools

Accidents or injuries may happen anytime when working with wood. But, there are effective ways to get rid of any woodworking injuries, and these include buying goggles, face masks, and other safety gear. No matter your experience or expertise with woodworking, having such things in your toolbox is always of essence.
Goggles, Face Mask, and Other Safety Tools

5. Hand Saw

Panel saws or hand saws are used for cutting wood into different shapes. A hand saw has a blade with teeth that cut hardwood to pieces. The big teeth in hand saws are for softwood, while the small ones are designed to cut hardwood effectively.

The blade’s teeth come in different directions and shapes, which are designed for several purposes. It’s important that you choose a hand saw that is suited for the specific project you’re doing, and it would usually depend on the type of wood you’re cutting or how you want to cut the wood.

There are several types of hand saws used in woodworking, including:

  • Crosscut Saw – Oftentimes, crosscut saws have sharp edges and pointed blades, which work as small knives that cut kerfs from every side. A crosscut hand saw works on both pull and push strokes, but it works so much better once stroked in a single direction.
  • Rip-cut Saw – A rip-cut hand saw consists of blades with thick teeth and sharp edges below. Such teeth work as small incisors that chip the wood, and which operate in one direction only.

6. Circular Saw

In terms of woodworking, one of the useful tools is the circular saw. It is portable and very versatile. It is used for ripping wood according to your desired lengths. You might also find yourself creating jigs for circular saw to help you do more. Once you are done using a table saw, your circular saw will become your go-to tool.

7. Drill

Most DIYers have their respective drills. But, if you are working with wood, you should try getting a powerful one from a reliable brand. Another thing to keep in mind is the drilling mode that is known as Hammer Mode. It’s a beneficial feature for people who want to drill into the likes of brick and concrete.
If you prefer the cordless drill, select a brand that will let you interchange batteries. The best thing about cordless drills is that they come with great features and accessories, as well as brushless motors. Since they are cordless, they’re also very portable.

8. Saw Horse

It is also referred to as a workbench, which is a convenient and practical tool. It is the best friend of every woodworker as it helps in resting the wood while you cut or work some parts of it. Portable and lightweight saw horses are often used in carpentry as they enable workers to make precise cuts. Some advanced saw horses feature adjustable surfaces and clamps so you can easily fit any kind of wood and move it around.


Those are just some of the countless tools you can use to do woodworking the way it should be. However, it is best to stick with the basic tools first instead of buying the advanced ones that are suited only for professionals, especially if you are just getting started with woodworking. As your skills improve and work with more sophisticated woodworking projects, it’s time to level up your tools and choose more advanced equipment for better results.

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