Graffiti Themes for Your Wall Mural

If you feel like you want to add a bold touch to your décor, graffiti murals are your ultimate choice. These are mostly preferred by teenagers who are adamant on marking their borders as well as rising to the street art challenge. While having actual graffiti painted in your house is not a good idea, a graffiti mural can quickly and easily solve the problem so that if you ever grow weary of it, you can peel it off effortlessly and replace it with something new. Here are some of the best urban and street art graffiti from all over the world:

1.Tony Sjoman’s Wall Art

Tony Sjoman’s Wall Art

Tony’s graffiti does not actually look like the stereotypical graffiti that we all like to think about. The man combines a myriad of shapes to form stunning street art that will impress even those that do not love graffiti. You can get your mural with an image of the art and its surroundings or even better, the actual painting. A good zoom into the street art and it will be almost impossible to tell that it is graffiti.

The art has a perfect blend of colors that will make it easy to do your interior décor.

2.The BuffMonster

The BuffMonster
Considering that this particular artist’s color is pink, his graffiti can make your children and female teenagers very happy. He is well known for creating adorable cartoons while splashing the color everywhere. The smooth features and blend of colors make it all very child-friendly, and the overall result will be a mural that your kids will delight in.

One of his famous paintings is on a wall in New Jersey that consists of an assortment of cute one-eyed monsters (there’s a one-eyed ice cream monster with two teeth!) in some sort of tangle.


This particular muralist does an excellent job in photo-realism, and a quick glance at any of his popular works will leave you thinking that it is a large picture pasted on the wall. If you prefer some reality, Smug’s graffiti is ideal for you.

This graffiti mural design is not easy to distinguish from actual photos, but it has some appeal to reality that will liven up any room.


If you are looking for something artistic as well as inspirational, Herakut are the muralists for you. The duo based in Berlin creates surreal murals usually with few colors then adds inspirational messages beside them.

One of their famous pieces is portrayed on a large wall in Berlin. It shows a girl lifting a tiny elephant that seems to have been in some sort of captivity. The quote beside it reads “As long as you are standing, give a hand to those who have fallen.”

These murals could be ideal for a restaurant, cafes, animal shelters or even humanitarian offices.

Conclusively, when it comes to street art, you have a limitless variety to choose from. With the vast color theme combinations, you can pick one that suits you and give your walls a whole new bold look.

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