Going Green 6 Tips to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home or Apartment

It’s been a hot September in Texas. In fact, almost 20 of the first 24 days in Austin have been at or above the 100-degree mark, and this is climatologically unheard of. It’s technically falling, but it feels like July. Pundits are saying that this is true global warming and that this planet heating is accelerating faster than anyone had predicted.

The movie, The Day After Tomorrow, paints a very scary picture of what can happen when ocean currents are disrupted, and many claim that is exactly what is happening today. So, take a deep breath–while you can—and consider the following six tips that will help you to go green in your home or apartment whether you live in a one-bedroom in frigid Minneapolis or in a penthouse in New York City or anywhere in between!


Fluorescent lights are old-fashioned, and incandescent lights can throw a lot of heat. While fluorescent lights may use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, there is a third and better option—LEDs. LEDs last for a long time, they use less power, and if you pair them with a smart app you can easily control hues and room ambiance from your mobile device.

Also, if you replace an existing light source with an LED fixture, your new LED will function for close to 40 years before you need to change it. Successful house flippers commonly upgrade their homes by replacing ancient light sources as well.


Using antiquated mechanical sprinkler timers is a pain, and sometimes water flow is restricted so intensely that you can’t get hose-end sprinklers or sprinkler heads to function properly. The answer is a smart watering system paired with a mobile device.

If you get one of these, you’ll never have to worry about the embarrassment of watering during a torrential thunderstorm because you can easily alter settings from any location.


If you’ve ever felt bad as you watched gallons of soapy water flow down the drain after a washing machine cycle, we have good news. According to Escape Waste, water that has been used for hand, clothes and dishwashing—called greywater—can be recycled and used to give your garden and house plants a much-needed drink.

You can buy a sophisticated system to recycle greywater or you can simply do it manually by filling up five-gallon buckets with the tub water after a bath, for example. Either way, you will be performing an eco-friendly service.


This may seem like ancient history, but you have to recycle trash. If you live in an apartment where all trash goes into a single dumpster, make sure that you check out the village, town, city or county recycling resources so that you can take care of sorting and properly disposing of all recyclables yourself.


Big solar systems are not absolutely necessary because an online shopping trip can provide a windowsill solar unit that provides enough power to light a single room and run your PC or Mac. And, these can be bought to $50 or less.


Finally, let’s not forget about smart thermostats. These units will allow total environmental control of your apartment’s air temperature by using a mobile device from anywhere. Gone will be the days of forgetting to turn down the heat before you leave for work.

The specter of global warming is worrisome, so anything you can do to help the planet is important, and if you follow the six tips above, you will have made a great start toward eco-friendliness.

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