Glass Roof Panels: An Eye-Catching Alternative to a Conservatory

Why choose glass roof panels?

Why choose glass roof panels

A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your house providing extra light in your home, giving you a lovely light room to relax in, and an unrestricted view of your garden. But maybe you haven’t got the budget to stretch to a conservatory at the moment, don’t have the outside space to install one, or just prefer not to. There is an alternative available at a fraction of the cost of a conservatory, but with all the benefits that extra light can bring.

Glass roof panels have come to the fore as a great architectural feature that you can easily add to your house to bring it up to date, provide extra light and give rooms the ‘wow’ factor. You can install them in existing rooms such as workrooms, hobby rooms and kitchens; in fact, in any room where more light is going to be beneficial. If you are thinking of adding a rear single storey extension to your property, a flat glass roof in the form of panels could be perfect. They are especially useful to bring light into rear extensions where side walls need to be without windows due to neighbouring buildings.

A glass roof solution to the need for more light

A glass roof solution to the need for more light
With the help of modern technology there has never been more choice available. You can have fixed or opening roof glazing, and the latter can be controlled electronically if you wish. You can even have panel lights that open and give access onto the roof, or ones you can walk on installed in the floor, in order to bring light into darker lower rooms.

Modern designed glass roof panels are now very stylish. They are now slimmer, lighter, and stronger than those produced in the past, using aluminium and PVCu, and can appear frameless from the inside of the room, giving the room the feeling of a light airy space. It is amazing how much bigger rooms can feel with the addition of extra daylight.

Glazing has also benefited from modern technology with different types of glass and coatings available. Today there is a wide variety of glazing solutions available, from standard glass to high performance, energy efficient, double-glazed, self cleaning, and solar controlled products. Modern energy efficient glass ensures that more heat is retained as well as providing the advantage of gaining the extra heat from natural sunlight.

Is it difficult to get a glass roof systems installed?

Is it difficult to get a glass roof systems installed
Installing glass roof panels is straightforward, if you do your research beforehand.

Researching the product

Researching the product
Find out all the background information you can about installing roof glazing, and the different types of roof lights and glass panels available, and decide which type you prefer. Do your research on which companies provide the type of glass roof panels you want, and the specifications that each can provide in terms of glazing and construction.

Researching the installation companies

Researching the installation companies
Above all research the companies. Look at what they can provide, the advantages their products have and what they offer in terms of installation. Try to find a reputable company which has an accreditation such as FENSA (the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme). FENSA is the most common authority for issuing a certificate that ensures compliance with current thermal performance and Building Regulations.

Make sure the company has a history of good reviews. Online testimonials are useful, and Checkatrade is a good place to start when looking for reviews about the work they have done in the past. When you have a shortlist of companies ideally visit their showroom, talk to them about your project and get hands-on with their products.

Planning Permission

Planning Permission
You do not normally require planning permission to install glass roof panels.
Glass roof panels should not give you any planning permission problems, even if you intend to install them in an existing roof, but it is always worth checking with your local authority just to be on the safe side.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations
Inserting glass roof panels into an existing flat or pitched roof will normally be subject to building regulations. This is because you are making a material alteration to the roof which affects the structure and thermal efficiency and also a window or door is classed as a controlled fitting which means it has to meet certain standards. However a reputable installer should be familiar with the regulations and will be able to advise you.

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