Glass Pool Fencing For Commercial Properties

Whether it’s a hotel, apartment or housing complex, a commercial property relies heavily on its appearance. From first impressions in advertising and brochures to people’s own personal experiences relayed through social media and reviews, the appearance of your property matters.

By upgrading your pool area design and installing a glass pool fence, you can greatly enhance the property appeal and the perception people will take away. It will also add to your financial bottom line and the overall operation of your property.

Strength & Durability = Profit

With proper care, glass pool fencing can last for decades. This durability insures that property owners will not need to replace fencing like wooden or metal options might require.
Strength & Durability = Profit

After the initial investment, this adds to the profitability of the property. Needing only maintenance, cleaning and basic upkeep, you will find that installation was money well spent.

Building Codes

While there are no federal laws regarding pool fencing, there are state and city ordinances. On average, in order to insure your property, the fencing must be at least four feet tall.

Glass pool fencing adheres to building codes and can be custom fitted to your needs to assure that nothing gets missed and you’ll face no surprises in the future.


Glass pool fencing is durable and safer. There is no concern that metal might rust or become sharp and dangerous. And if the fencing does break, it is made of safety-tempered glass so it will not create multiple dangerous shards. Instead it will be kept in the sheet (much like the way a car windshield breaks) or stay in larger pieces that are safer and easier to clean up.
Not only will the actual safety matter, but also how it is perceived. When you use glass pool fencing, people will feel secure in the quality and safety of your choice of design materials.


Your property needs to attract people, whether it’s a hotel or a housing complex. If people aren’t drawn to it, they aren’t going to stay. By adding a beautiful glass pool fence system, you will create a design that is pleasing to the eye. Pool fencing specialists Seamless Fencing & Glass have even built this into their philosophy, believing pool fencing should add to a swimming pool and overall appearance of a property, rather than detracting from it.

Also, people who have stayed or lived there will share their experience and the look of the pool area with others through word of mouth or on websites such as Yelp. Many people add photos as well, so the world can see your pool area and the care in which you designed it.

Glass pool fencing, railings and gates are a great and easy way to add appeal to your commercial property. And people will notice, from the moment they first see it.

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