Getting Your Living Room Post-Pandemic Proof With These Decoration Tips

Since the start of the pandemic, a lot has changed in our daily lives. We are going about our work and personal life in a completely different fashion. While the virtual world already blended in with the physical, resulting in a blend between our private and professional lives, this is now stronger than ever. We also see this happening in our home and how we structure the rooms that we use. Especially people who live in city centers or smaller homes have to make sure that they can combine work and their family. The living room is one of the places that are central to the home, and often also used for work. In this article, we will dive into ways to make your living room more enjoyable, fashionable and increase your quality of life.

A clear separation between home and work

Wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to have a clear division between work and home in the living room? If you have a desk where you work that stands in the lounge area, it can be hard to create this distinction. Luckily, there are special mobile screens that you can purchase. These screens can be placed in between your desk and the other parts of the living room. This creates a separate office space and helps you create a physical ‘end’ to your working day by moving into the sitting room. Besides that, it can help you focus and increase productivity. 

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Types of mobile screens

Mobile screens come in a broad range of designs and types. They are no longer the types that we know from the boring cubicles in the ’90s. Nowadays you can find designer screens as well as simplistic and cheap ones. Depending on the style you have in your home, you can select what works for you.

It starts with a nice scent

In this article, we can dive into lots of ways to improve your home. Furniture, gadgets, you name it! However, you probably forgot about this category: a nice smell! Having a nice scent in your home brings peace of mind and welcomes visitors. But how to choose the best home fragrances? There are multiple ways to find a scent that works for you. Similar to picking a nice perfume, you do not necessarily need to smell it beforehand. Think about the scents you like and use them as a guideline for selecting a scent. There are broad categories you can think about, such as hammam. Many brands offer scents in this category, making it possible to browse through a broad collection.

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Reed diffusers

The most popular method of spreading a nice scent through the living room is using reed diffusers. Such a diffuser is also known as fragrance sticks. The perfume is being stored in a nicely designed bottle where the wooden sticks are placed into. The wooden sticks then soak up the perfume and this scent spreads across the living room. Did the sticks dry up? You can easily turn them and put them in again to start spreading the scent again up until the perfume is empty.

Music as a central element in the living room

Creating a clear work-life division, spreading a nice scent: how can we further refine the room? Before we head over to furniture, let us look at another critical component. Music is in our lives in a lot of different ways. It can make you happy, wake you up, and help you get into the mood that you want to be in. Especially after a long day of work, music can help you calm down and get relaxed. This is the reason why music is a critical component of your lounge.

  • Design speakers

There are many speakers that you can place in your sitting room. Are you a fan of music? Consider reputable brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Klipsch. These are very well-designed and provide world-class sound. When purchasing these speakers, you do not only buy music but also a nice design item for your home. The perfect balance between design and functionality.

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  • Innovative speakers

If you are looking for functionality and technology you can select a wifi speaker such as Sonos. These can be connected to your network and make it possible to play Spotify (and other music apps) throughout the day. As these are connected, you can have multiple rooms playing the same music or let the music follow you throughout the home. An intuitive way to enjoy the music in your home.

The couch as a centerpiece

We all like to hang on the couch from time to time. It does not matter if it is to listen to music, read a book or watch your favorite Netflix series, the couch is always at the center. Owning a couch does not necessarily need to be about functionality. Many designers have taken the couch to the next level. This means that you have a perfect interior design piece in your home that takes the center stage. This does not have to be a kiss-shaped couch: many intuitive designs improve the function (i.e. sitting) while keeping a modern and simplistic feel to it. This is especially enjoyable in times like these, where we are spending more time at home and need to relax from intensive working days. 

Makze a dedicated coffee corner

Sounds to office-ishy for you? Think twice! If you are a fan of coffee and have a nice machine at your disposal, why not let it shine? Lots of people are creating a dedicated coffee corner as decor in their lounge. Here they keep their cups, beans, and cookies. It also allows you to store your bottles of wine if you take a coffee corner that has more storage space. If your living room allows it, you can even have a dedicated seating area to have your coffee. This is also a nice place to welcome friends and have a drink together.

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Combining art with furniture

If you want to make your living room feel like the complete package, it is important to mix decoration with furniture. For example, you can reflect colors that are present in your painting in your furniture. This can also be done by using decoration items such as pillows on your couch. By creating these combinations, the living room will feel like a coherent message which helps bring peace to the room. Of course, this does not necessarily mean you need to buy art. You can also use pictures and other ways of bringing color to the room. 

With these tips, you can start to enjoy your living room as it is meant to be: for living. Combining work, relaxation, music, fragrance, and art all together. Generally, these categories blend well together and leave space for creativity to make it your own. Start with brainstorming what works with your style and your priorities. Care about coffee? See how that can blend in. Enjoy a good series more? Consider a nice scent, lighting, and an enjoyable couch that suits your style. 

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