Georgetown Pest Control: Questions to Ask a Local Company

You have found telltale signs of pest infestation in your Georgetown home. Instead of looking for DIY hacks on the internet, consider hiring a local exterminator at the earliest. There are numerous benefits of using professional pest control services. Besides expertise, you can expect the company to mitigate risks associated with the job. If you are confused about selecting a Georgetown pest control service, here are some questions worth asking. 

“Are you licensed and insured?”

All exterminators and pest control services in Texas are required to adhere to strict licensing requirements. Check if the concerned company is accredited to relevant industry organizations or associations. Insurance is another factor to consider. Pest control is a risky task. If one of their workers suffers injuries while working on your property, you wouldn’t want to pay the medical bills. Besides workers’ compensation insurance, a company should also have liability insurance. Any damage done to your home should be their liability, not yours. 

“How would you mitigate the risks and safety concerns?”

Pest control work involves using products that aren’t always safe for humans and other animals. Also, many of the chemicals and pesticides can impact the environment adversely. Ask the company how they intend to mitigate these concerns. Many exterminators in Texas are now relying on safer methods, equipment, and organic pest control products, which may cost a tad more but work as effectively in eliminating pests. 

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“Do you have an in-house team?”

That’s also a valid question. You would be rather surprised to know that many pest control companies don’t have people working with them. Instead, they get contracts from clients and local homeowners and pass the same to subcontractors for a profit. Ensure that the company you choose has a physical address and a team of pest control professionals who are trained and insured for the job. When someone visits your property, ask about their experience and expertise.

“How much would it cost to use your services?”

A professional exterminator in Georgetown should offer an estimate in advance. Steer clear of pest control companies that offer ready deals on the phone. Unless a professional has inspected your property, you cannot expect the estimate to be fair or accurate. Also, don’t shy away from asking for a discount, but do not choose a pest control service for the price alone. 

Shortlist a few local services and contact their experts for an inspection.

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