Garage Doors: An Underrated Element for A Beautiful Home

When you think of renovations that could beautify the exterior for your house, you might think of landscaping, window replacement or perhaps even repaving your driveway.

While garage doors are one of the first things we notice when driving past a home, we rarely consider it as a top priority for home renovations. But still, a fashionable and sleek garage door can completely spice up your home and leave neighbours envious of your gorgeous yard.

If you know that something is needed to add a personalized flair to your home exterior, and are considering a new garage door, here are some tips and styles that can help you find the door to reflect your own unique style:

Staying sleek with sectionals

Staying sleek with sectionals

Sectionals are a particularly common style across North America. As such a popular option, homeowners interested in a sectional door have an almost endless selection available to them.

From wood to steel to fiberglass, there are countless materials that can be used to create the perfect garage door for your home. For a sleek, modern feeling and optimal security, consider a standard ribbed style in steel.

Additionally, color can be a powerful tool to make your home exterior pop. Depending on the era and style of your home, consider a bold shade such as red, orange or navy blue to draw more eyes to your property than ever before.

Gorgeous glass

Gorgeous glass
If you feel like your current garage door might be a little too boring, windows can be an instant solution that provides a light, airy feel both for both the interior and exterior of your garage.

By allowing some natural light in, your garage will no longer have to be lit by a single incandescent overhead bulb, making it a more ideal space to use a workshop or entryway.

If the state of your garage is not exactly something you would want your nosier neighbours peeking into, the solution is simple: take advantage of small windows placed higher on your garage door, at least two thirds to the top.

If you really want to have fun with this style and make a lasting impression, you can consider colored glass to add a bold, unmistakable flair to your household.

Go classic with carriage doors

carriage garage doors
When done right, carriage-style doors look like they have come straight out of an old movie. With elegant handles in the center of the garage door and long, traditional steel hinges, your home will look ready for the arrival of a private horse-and-buggy coach.

Garage doors that open horizontally rather than vertically might be something to get used to, but if you really like a door that functions more traditionally, you can both the practicality of a traditional sectional door and the elegant style of a carriage style.

Many contractors can design a traditional garage door to look like a carriage style, with hinges and handles that are more for aesthetic pleasure than anything else, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too.

Keep it simple with single panel

single panel
Your garage door does not need to be complicated to be stylish. A single panel garage door, while less flashy and more simplistic than most sectional styles, offers a cost-effective option that can give your home a perfectly on-trend utilitarian look.

Minimalism is in right now, leaving some home decor lovers wondering if they should shed their most beloved statement pieces. A single panel style garage door is the perfect option for maximalist homeowners who want to trick the eye and counterbalance their love of all things decorative.

Not only that, but single panel doors are often the cheapest garage door option and require less maintenance than other styles.

The best way to ensure you will end up with a style that you absolutely love is to spend some time shopping, doing research and reaching out to contractors who can help you with installations when the time comes.

If you are looking for a contractor in the Calgary area with a proven track record of success and a reputation for exceptional customer service, consider B&W Garage Door Specialists. With over twenty years of industry experience, they can work with you to find and install the perfect garage doors for your home.

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