From Small To Substantial – 4 Ways To Make Your Tiny Space Seem Bigger

Renting or buying a home can be super expensive. Sometimes our most affordable option might not have the space that we would like, and it may feel a little smaller than ideal. Room arrangementv, colors, and spacing can all affect how big a room feels. If you’re unhappy with your room sizes, read our tips below to see how you can make it appear larger and more spacious. 

1. Open Up

Make Your Tiny Space Seem Bigger1

If your home is divided by walls then consider knocking them down and embracing open plan living. Open areas seem far more spacious and give you more room to play with. It’s not always feasible to knock down an entire wall, especially if it is load-bearing or supporting the ceiling. If that is the case a great way to create the same feel is by breaking into part of the wall and adding interior French doors. These will make the room feel as though it is one and still offer privacy between two rooms which is great if you don’t want a totally open space. If your home is contemporary opt for a chic black frame or try wooden doors to add a touch of tradition to your space. 

2. Choose Your Colours Wisely

Light colors make a space seem larger and dark colors can close off a room, making it feel even smaller. Choose pale colors such as soft nudes or pastel tones to make the space seem light and airy. Think biscuit shades or soft greys as a base palette for the walls with neutral furniture. If you’re a fan of color or darker-toned, incorporate these in your accessories. Think bright cushions, dark dining seats, and vibrant vases. 

3. Maximize Your Furniture

Make Your Tiny Space Seem Bigger2

Make your furniture work harder but purchasing pieces that double as storage space. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, opt for an ottoman bed with storage in the base or drawers underneath. The same goes for furniture elsewhere in your home. Rather than having a regular coffee table, choose one that also serves as a cupboard or has open shelving underneath. That way you can reduce the need for larger furniture such as bookcases and cabinets. 

4. Accessorize Right

Accessories are key to increasing the space. Adding mirrors to the walls makes the room seem larger but getting the style right can totally transform the room. If your space is lacking windows and therefore light, choose a framed mirror in a similar style and size to your windows it will create the illusion of an additional window and offer a light, brighter feel. If you have low ceilings opt for a tall mirror that draws the eye upwards, making the room seem taller. You may think that having a smaller space should equate to choosing smaller accessories but, the opposite is true. Pick large artwork for your walls and avoid clusters of frames and prints. Multiple items on the wall can look cluttered and make the walls feel smaller whereas large-scale art will lengthen and lift.

Will you be trying these tips in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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