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Freestanding Bathtubs

The major reason for the likeness of freestanding bathtubs is their design that allows them to be fixed properly in your bathroom. Today people want their bathrooms complemented only with freestanding bathtubs and their popularity with this unique is growing day by day. There are still other features as well that make them favorite all over the world.

They stand out and give your bathroom a signature look which is certainly not possible if you choose a built-in bathtub. IF your house ambience and interior are gorgeous, they certainly require an exclusive selection of bathtubs as well. And it is fact that only freestanding bathtubs can fulfill this important requirement. If you are looking for water damage restoration check out water damage restoration san antonio.

Freestanding bathtubs come in variety of colors and designs. Thus you can easily find the one which suits well with the interior of your bathroom and complement it with a chic and modern style. Their designs are usually smart and intuitive. Hence they give a little fare to the bathroom’s appearance and make it unique. For example, it is not possible to place the built-in tubs in the bathrooms by raising them off the ground. This is possible only if you have chosen a freestanding bathtub because they come with pedestals and can be placed easily. Moreover, they also give you the option of decorating your bathrooms in vintage style due their enormous variety. But you need to take care the water supply in these bathtub, you can use fitters to for the good water, bathroom fitters glasgow will help you with different variety and options.

Freestanding bathtubs are also supportive to display the tiles of your bathtubs. If you have built your bathroom with expensive tiles, you would certainly like to show them and not hiding under the bath. Freestanding bathtubs are here best suitable easily be raised off the floor.


Another important feature of freestanding bathtubs is that they can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. This feature makes them the most flexible bathtubs particularly in comparison to their rival traditional bathtubs. They are to be fixed only with walls and at any other place in the bathrooms whereas freestanding bathtubs can be placed even in the middle of the bathrooms if you have a capacious place inside your bath.

Prime of all features is the durability. Every homeowner wants durable and solid products that have lasting life and thus save money for the owners. A freestanding bathtub wins your favor even here for being so long lasting that you can use it for years. They come in different types of heavy and solid materials which save them from erosion and all sorts of damages that are common in case of traditionally made bathtubs. For instance, if you buy a freestanding made with cast iron; it will survive for many years and save your precious money going waste. Moreover, if your bathroom can bear heavy weight, you can opt for a stone bathtub which will have even more longer life than any other freestanding bathtub. If you want to select a freestanding bathtub from an extensive variety, then give a try to WoodBridge tubs. These states of art bathtubs can cater to all of your needs in design, color, style and construction material.

Selecting a freestanding bathtub, you must keep in mind that it takes more space than is usually taken by a customary or built-in bathtub. So if the space is limited, you should consider your decision of buying a freestanding bathtub.

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