Frameless Glass Shower Doors: Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Ideas In 2021

Remodelling your bathroom would always be a great idea, especially if you have an outdated bathroom design. In this way, you can update its appearance and fully maximize what it has to offer. For instance, if you want to use your bathroom as an indoor spa, then you can have yourself a warm and relaxing bath before ending the day.

As you decide to remodel your bathroom, there are plenty of ideas and designs you could choose from. To ensure your bathroom would be up to date, looking for 2021 ideas would be beneficial as you can ensure that it can last your home for years, providing you an excellent bathroom appearance.

Moreover, listed below are the top bathroom remodel ideas in 2021:

1. Install Frameless Glass Shower Doors

The year 2021 maximizes the use of minimalism to create a simpler and more spacious look. As you decide to install glass shower doors for your bathroom, you might want to consider having a frameless design for a sleek appearance. Along with this, it might also cost less since you won’t need to purchase the additional materials for framing your glass shower doors.

You should ensure stability and quality. Since they don’t have any existing frames, they could be more at risk of breaking in case of accidents. With that, looking for a national glass shower door company like GCS Glass & Mirror and other similar businesses will help you be at peace that your glass shower doors won’t easily break even with the slightest bump.  

2. Add An Accent Wall

Having a well-decorated wall doesn’t just stop with your kitchen, bedroom, and living room. You can even allow your bathroom to look beautiful by adding an accent wall. While adding wall decorations would be helpful, one of the most efficient ways you can achieve that is by redesigning the wall and highlighting the beauty of your bathroom. 

When adding an accent wall, you can choose to play with decorative tiles. Just ensure that its color and design would match well with the overall appearance of your bathroom. This will allow a solid and seamless finish.

3. Use A Different Bathroom Fixture

Traditionally, a bathroom’s fixture uses a stainless finish as it can ensure longevity and quality. However, some people might find them too plain and boring. To spice up your bathroom’s appearance, you should consider changing your bathroom fixture into something unique, useful, and beautiful.

Apart from using stainless, you could use matte black, copper, or rose gold as your new bathroom fixture. This small change will help boost the appearance of your bathroom without having to spend much. Moreover, you can change the fixture yourself or consider hiring a professional if you don’t have the right tools with you.

4. Have Wood-Designed Tiles

When it comes to bathroom flooring, the first thing that comes to your mind is using traditional tiles as they’re extremely durable to water, keeping your floors in the perfect condition for as long as possible. While they can truly serve their purpose, you don’t have to limit yourself to the basic bathroom designs as you can always try to explore different tile patterns.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Luckily, the world today is embracing the natural beauty of wood as it can help provide a homey and comfortable ambiance. For your bathroom floors, some manufacturers have developed a wooden floor tile that uses all of the materials for a bathroom tile while having a wood-like finish. In this way, you can allow your bathroom to look cozy and relaxing, perfect for your bath nights.

5. Consider A Floating Vanity

A bathroom remodelling is never complete without updating the vanity. With a small change, you can allow its appearance to pop up, making your bathroom design look better. To make your bathroom look spacious, you should consider a floating vanity wherein you’ll be eliminating any floor space as everything would seem to elevate from the ground.

When adding a floating vanity, you can choose to add drawers if you like to hide your personal items away. Moreover, you can play with your vanity mirror by adding LED lights around the frame, giving your bathroom a unique highlight every time you need to fix yourself. You should also add a table top sink to avoid hovering over the vanity space.


As you remodel your bathroom, make sure that you’re not harming any plumbing or pipe works as it could cause more damage to your household. However, if you need to change your bathroom’s fixture position, hiring a plumber would be the best option.

Also, ensure that it’s something you find relaxing and will last your household for the long run. With bathroom renovations, expect that it’ll be expensive as you’ll be replacing your walls, floors, and fixtures. On that note, ensure that you purchase high-quality ones so you don’t have to worry about replacing them after every few years.

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