Four Things to Know About Real Estate Investment in Singapore


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With inflation on the rise worldwide, one cannot rely on a single source of income. While certain people advocate investing in cryptocurrency or stocks, real estate in some parts of the world has been one of the most profitable avenues for investment. 

Given that assets always yield better returns in the long term, people often invest in real estate to protect their money from devaluation or inflationary pressures and get better returns on their investments.

While this is generally true for most parts of the world, the real estate market of some countries yields better returns on investment than others. 

This can be attributed to several factors, including governmental policies, rapid urbanization, the demand for a better standard of living, or simply the focus on diversification of investment portfolios. 

Therefore, the market is likely to perform better if these indicators exist.

Considering that you are investing in an asset, you can quickly sell it off to liquidate your funds. Unlike the stock or cryptocurrency market, this market is not quite volatile. 

Instead, the value of your real estate investments is only likely to appreciate. Moreover, if the indicators above are there, you are more likely to make a better profit on your investments in immovable assets than stocks or cryptocurrency.

If you are based in Singapore, you already know how competitive the market is. Given that the land is limited, the housing supply is also limited. 

Courtesy of the increasing population, the demand has risen as well. This has led to the valuation of these properties increasing consistently. 

It’s no surprise that even condos are increasing in value when a decade ago, they were affordable. 

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That said, if you’re interested in Singapore’s real estate potential, here are four things you need to know.

It is a safe investment:

As mentioned above, real estate is one of the safest forms of investment in most parts of the world. 

Given that the valuation is likely to increase in these cases and liquidation is easy, it is worth considering. In Singapore, the valuation of real estate holdings will only increase as the demand for these properties grows.

Currently, Singapore boasts a suitable business environment, prompting many people to relocate to the country. 

If this trend continues, the properties you already bought at high prices will appreciate further. So, you are not taking a risk here. It is a safe investment.

You need to assess prospects:

Singapore has various property regions, each with its own listing prices. Core Central Region, Rest of Central Region, and Outside Central Region have their own dynamics. 

Therefore, you need to assess the prospects of your investment. You can do this by evaluating whether you are getting the property at the right price and how much its valuation will appreciate soon.

Similarly, you need to assess whether a similar-sized property in another area offers better returns. 

Once you evaluate these factors, you will be better positioned to make a decision. Therefore, always start with a thorough assessment before you make any investment.

SINGAPORE – August 23, 2017:View from the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

Predictions can be helpful:

Once you have explored the market and know the differences in prices, you need to see which of these properties offer a reasonable entry price combined with good long-term values. 

You can visit a property auction to get a reasonable price on properties sold there and even approach those sellers directly to negotiate a cheaper rate.

The key is to get these properties as cheaply as possible if you want to make maximum gains in the long term. 

Of course, there will be trade-offs, and you may not be able to get a property in your desired location, or it might not be in the best of conditions and might require renovation. 

So, you need to consider these factors and see how they align with the plan you have in mind.

Properties can generate good rental income:

Singapore is among the most expensive places to live in. While some areas are less costly, it is still enough to be recognized as a place where the cost of living is immensely high. 

Renting a house or apartment is not easy either, for the rates are considered the second-highest after Hong Kong.

However, if you are investing in Singapore, you could also benefit from this. If you purchase a property in a high-demand locality, you could generate good money from the monthly rents. 

So, while the property will undoubtedly appreciate in valuation, it will also boost your monthly income.


Singapore offers various investment opportunities, and the real estate market is one of those. The points mentioned above can help you make thoughtful investments in the real estate sector in Singapore.

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