Food from Iranian heritage that you’ll love!


Food from Iranian heritage

Have you ever imagined, what makes Iranian Cuisine distinctive? It is so rich and different as the food contains a series of eclectic flavors from different lands. It is a mixture of a rich heritage that includes the touch of Turkish, Greek, Levantine, Caucasian, Central Asian, and Russian cuisine – making a diverse range of Iranian dishes.

With its interesting history related, its taste is undoubtedly loved by many exotic people, especially those who love to travel and try new foods from various nations. To all those, who are foodies and haven’t tried Iranian classic food, read here and get yourself escorted to the doors of Iranian food restaurants and shops!

Here are some most famous and most classic food items that I think one should give a shot for at least once in their lifetime and enjoy the tradition of Iran. Some food items are as easy as you can prepare them at home as well.

1. Sabzi Polo

Sabzi Polo

A classic dish of Iran which is most enjoyed on the eve of Norouz – a Persian new year. Basically, the fillets of white fish from the Caspian sea are smoked and served with aromatic basmati rice. It also uses fresh fish. The fish fillets are marinated with saffron and lemon juice which gives it an absolutely amazing taste and later it is fried. Its recipe slightly varies geographically, as in North of Iran, they simply marinate and fry, whereas, in the South region the fish is stuffed following the baking. In both these processes, the taste is exceptionally great!

2. Iranian Caviar

Iranian Caviar

Not only in Iran but also exported to other counties, Iran Caviar is one of the famous items of the country which is exported to a huge extent. All around the world, Iranian Caviar is lauded and enjoyed. Because of its royal history and its usage from ancient times, this luxury food has great importance. Iranian Caviar is made with the eggs of Sturgeon fish of the Caspian Sea. Nowadays, its farming has increased significantly as the demand for the product has increased. People often come up with the query concerning Where to buy Caviar? Those who are having trouble finding it in the stores can Buy Caviar Online.

3. Naz Khatun

Naz Khatun

A vegetable condiment belonging to the city of Behshar is one of the authentic and tasty dishes of Iran. Its ingredients are quite interesting – eggplants are chopped into fine pieces after being roasted. The chopped pieces are then combined with a bulk amount of aromatic herbs that may include basil, parsley, and mint. 

Moreover, it can be made simple by these ingredients, but if we talk about its traditional recipe, it involves the inclusion of garlic, angelica (aka powdered wild celery), and pomegranate molasses. To make its final paste-like texture, sour verjuice is included for binding all the ingredients and coming up with the final paste-like texture. 

On the whole, this hodgepodge gives a variety of tastes of each vegetable being used and can be enjoyed with flatbreads, lentils, rice, or even fried eggs.

4. Gheymeh nesar

Gheymeh nesar

A combination of rice, meat, nuts, and berries, when cooked, wafts a tempting fragrance in the air which creates a mouthwatering sensation for the one passing nearby. Yes, Gheymeh Nesar is kind of a dish that has the pattern often used in Turkish and Arabian foods but the recipes vary. It is basically a lump of meat served with plain rice along with other complementary nuts and berries. Traditionally the meat of lamb is used for the dish, but one can also have it with beef or chicken as well. One thing that makes it different is the use of slightly sweetened orange peel to create an especial flavor.

5. Halva Ardeh

Halva Ardeh

Amongst the other saltish and spicy foods, why not look for something special in sweet dishes? Halva Ardeh is made up of sugar and tahini or ground sesame. The paste made for this sweet treat is studded with nuts, depending upon the choice, but traditionally pistachios are inserted. Sometimes, people have this feast at the time of breakfast and can be served along with a loaf of bread.

Nevertheless, it is always worth enjoying the food from different lands. Interesting to note, Iranian cuisine has been spreading through the western world! Have your taste buds developed with unique and delicious spices and foods. In this regard, Iranian food stands slightly in a different place and you can’t regret trying Iranian Cuisine at least once. 

Enjoy the Persian Food Fusion!

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