Flawless Flooring: Your Best Flooring Ideas and Options for Every Room

Looking for flooring options for your home? Make sure you consider the needs of each room. Check out these great flooring ideas and options for every room.

Whether you’re doing home renovations or planning on buying a new place, the search for the best flooring is a serious matter.

The truth is that there really isn’t just one type of covering which we can point to and call the best.

Instead, you’ll need to consider the room, your home, and the budget that you’re working with in order to come up with a good solution.

Read on and we’ll discuss the different types of flooring available and which you might find the best for any given room.

Thoughts On Flooring

Thoughts On Flooring

Since a home, even a small one, has so many rooms with different purposes it gets a bit hard to recommend a single type of flooring.

Yes, that cherry-stained, oak hardwood might look beautiful in the halls and the temptation to spread it through the bathroom, kitchen, and dining area is immense.

But what happens when you spill water on it? Or if someone else does it and doesn’t realize how important it is to make sure that it’s dried as quickly as possible?

For the best solution, you’re going to have to spend some time thinking about each room. Then, of course, you have the task of making sure that everything ties together aesthetically.

So What’s Out There?

With all of the different flooring types, it’s only natural to feel a bit confused about what should go where.

The most common types of flooring are usually the best ones, so let’s go over them and see what appeals.


Hardwood has a classic look and feel that’s hard to beat. It’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

The biggest problem with hardwoods is their price. They’re also quite loud to walk on if you have heavy-footed people or animals in the home.

We find that hardwoods do their best in common areas like living rooms. You should avoid using them anywhere that more than a glass of water might be spilled since the material can swell and distort if it gets wet.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring
Mimicking the look of hardwood but coming in at a fraction of the cost, laminate flooring has been making a big splash since it’s inception. The biggest advantage over standard hardwood is, of course, the pricing.

It’s another highly durable type of flooring, and the scratch resistance that comes with it is great.

Like hardwood it’s easy to clean due to the smooth surface, most people can get by with just a dust mop or vacuum cleaner.

Water is its enemy and unlike hardwood which can sometimes be re-done without replacement, you’ll find that laminate flooring will have to be replaced entirely if it takes enough damage.

Tile Floors

 Tile Floors
Tile is the gold-standard for anywhere that water can be found. The ceramic material and grout won’t take any water damage and is extremely resistant to the kind of damage which most flooring takes over time.

Since it’s entirely sealed tile flooring is one of the easiest types of floor to wash as well.

Unfortunately, it’s also rather expensive and even louder than hardwood when it’s being walked on.


Carpeting is a good way to go for many rooms which have lower traffic. While it’s often used in living rooms, dining rooms, and other common areas it’s also prone to staining and is harder to clean than most flooring types.

It’s quiet and comfortable to walk on, however, and can change the entire feel of a room. It’s also available in many colors which other materials aren’t, so it’s use to enhance the look of a room is a big part of its popularity.

While it can be used through anywhere in a home where there isn’t a lot of water risk, it’s probably best reserved for lower traffic areas due to the difficulty of cleaning.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is still common in low-to-mid end homes in the kitchens and bathrooms. It makes a great choice for those rooms as well since it’s durable and water resistant.

Where vinyl really ends up falling short is in the looks department. It has a “cheap” aesthetic which really doesn’t go away even with high-end vinyl floors designed to look like tile or hardwood.

If you can get past the look in favor of the low pricing, however, it makes a good flooring for bathrooms, kitchens, and even laundry rooms. It’s also much quieter to walk on than most other hard floorings.

So What’s the Best Flooring?

 So What's the Best Flooring
If we were to pick and choose, with the budget not being a factor, things could be broken down easily.

Carpeting is best for bedrooms. Tile for bathrooms and kitchens. Hardwood floors for the rest of the home.

Laminate can make a good stand-in for hardwood flooring and vinyl can be used in most areas to replace tile floors if your budget comes up short in other areas.

It doesn’t require a ton of thought, but if you think about your flooring for a bit during a serious renovation or when considering a new home it can make your life a lot more convenient.

When you’re stuck on looks it makes sense to check out places which sell flooring online like https://www.onlineflooringstore.com.au/ to see if you can’t find what you’re going for available in a type you can afford.

It’s All About Thought

Many people don’t put a lot of thought into what they’re doing with their flooring. It’s underfoot all the time, however, so when it comes down to it you’re looking at a big difference in your home life.

The best flooring is easy-to-clean, durable, and something which actually adds to the look of your home. It’s not always possible to ensure that you have everything you want but can you afford to not try?

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